10 Handcrafted Diwali Decor Ideas to Light Up Your Home

10 Handcrafted Diwali Decor Ideas to Light Up Your Home

We all eagerly wait for this time of year to immerse ourselves in the joy and excitement of decorating our homes beautifully. Diwali is the perfect occasion to adorn your house with beautiful and traditional decorations that will make everything look absolutely amazing. In this blog, we will delve into ten handcrafted Diwali decor ideas that will illuminate your home. It’s important to ensure that your home is the most vibrant and stunning, as it truly deserves a magnificent Diwali makeover with different handicrafts, like a Kathakali face mask, to create that festive vibe. From handcrafted Torans to intricately carved wooden sculptures, the possibilities for creating your dream decoration are endless. With this guide, you will fall in love with your house again and receive many great compliments. So, let’s jump right in and explore the sheer beauty of these exquisite handicrafts.

Exploring Handcrafted Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Hand Carved Wooden Sculptures

You can add a touch of artistry to your home with hand carved wooden sculptures. These intricately crafted pieces showcase the talent of local artisans. Choose sculptures depicting deities, animals, or abstract designs to add a unique and cultural element to your decor. Decorate your living space with them.

hand painted Diwali Torans

Welcome your guests into your home with hand painted Diwali torans. Torans are decorative hangings that are traditionally placed at the entrance of the house. Look for torans adorned with different handicrafts like embroidery, mirrorwork, or beadwork. You can also add a Kathakali showpiece to the toran for a unique touch and a traditional twist to your decoration.

Hula Hoop Chandelier

To give your home a festive makeover, go with this unique and creative decoration idea. You can buy the hula hoops straight from the market or use them if you have an extra one at home. Wind colourful strings of lights randomly around the hula hoop, and that’s it. This one is a perfect decoration for your home to hang in places like your living room or balcony. Make sure you paint the hula hoop with a matching colour of the lights you will use.

Hand Made Diyas

If you want to create your own Diya, you only need some air dry clay. Let the clay dry under direct sunlight, then paint them with beautiful and vibrant colours, adding traditional patterns. Once you have handcrafted your Diyas, you can decorate your entrance with them or use them to create a fantastic rangoli.

Paper Lanterns

Handcrafted paper lanterns can effortlessly add a touch of a soft and warm glow to your home. Choose vibrant colours and patterns to create a festive atmosphere.

Handwoven Tapestry

With handwoven tapestry, add a touch of elegance to the walls of your home. These intricate pieces of art showcase the skill and craftsmanship of local weavers. You can find some tapestries that feature traditional motifs or scenes from mythology to create a focal point in your living space.

Handcrafted Candle Holders

Create a cosy and intimate atmosphere with handcrafted candle holders. These unique pieces come in various materials like brass, wood, or clay, and they can be adorned with different handicrafts like filigree work or intricate carvings. Place them on your dining table or around your home to create a warm ambience.

Hand Painted Terracotta Pottery

Bring nature indoors with hand painted terracotta pottery. These beautifully crafted pots can be used as planters for vibrant flowers or as standalone decorative pieces. Look for pots adorned with traditional motifs or scenes from Indian mythology to add a traditional touch to your decor.

Handmade Fabric Wall Hangings

Transform your walls with handmade fabric wall hangings. These colourful and vibrant pieces of art can instantly brighten up any space. Look for wall hangings featuring handicrafts like block printing, embroidery, or patchwork to add texture and visual interest to your walls.

Hand Painted Ceramic Plates

Decorate your dining area with hand painted ceramic plates. These exquisite art pieces can be displayed on plate stands or hung on the walls to create designs. Look for plates adorned with traditional motifs or scenes from Indian mythology to create a stunning visual display.


Handcrafted Diwali decor brings a one-of-a-kind and personal touch to your humble abode, all while supporting local artisans and honouring the vibrant cultural heritage of India. Whether you are into various handicrafts, like decorating your home with pieces of traditional art forms, incorporating these handcrafted gems will illuminate your home and create an atmosphere that screams festivity and warmth. With these simple yet brilliant handcraft ideas, you can effortlessly transform your house into a stunning space for this Diwali. So, let the allure of handcrafted pieces captivate you, unleash your inner artist, and make this Diwali an extraordinary and unforgettable celebration.

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