5 reasons why buying YouTube channels with monetization is better

5 reasons why buying YouTube channels with monetization is better

The purchase of a monetized YouTube channel has many advantages over starting a new channel starting from the ground up. You can earn money from the channel’s monetization features, such as ads, memberships, merchandise, and sponsorships. Purchasing a YouTube channel that is already monetized can provide you with a steady income stream without having to wait for the eligibility criteria. You can leverage the channel’s niche, reputation, and influence to promote your own brand, product, or service. Buying a YouTube channel that is relevant to your industry or interest can help you establish your authority and credibility in the market.


Followerzoid.com is an online platform that offers an online marketplace for purchasing or selling YouTube channels. It makes it simple for anyone who wants to purchase channels with already-built audiences without needing to create a brand-new channel. One of the main reasons Followerzoid.com distinguishes itself from other platforms is the attention to particulars when selecting the channels that they put up available for purchase. They will only deal with well-established channels, have the highest quality of subscribers, and have an established history of engaging. They also offer a safe messaging system that allows buyers to speak directly with sellers in order to inquire about queries or discuss rates.

Another benefit of Followerzoid.com is the possibility of purchasing channels from diverse niches. Be it sports, fashion or entertainment, they’ve got channels that are geared towards many different types of viewers. Also, they guarantee an active subscriber base, which can help to boost the amount of time spent watching the videos that are posted on the channel. Overall, Followerzoid.com is an excellent platform for those seeking to buy a channel that has a pre-built audience and at a fair cost. The platform’s user-friendly interface with a wide variety of channels that you can choose from and their focus on detail makes them among the most effective options to buy YouTube channels.

Five points that explain the benefits that could be gained from buying YouTube channels that are monetized:

1. Start the process of monetization

One major benefit when you Getting of monetized YouTube channel are the possibility of avoiding the initial challenge of meeting the requirements of YouTube for monetization. Starting a channel from scratch normally involves time, work, and constant content development in order to achieve the number of followers and 4,000 viewing hours required to monetize. Buying a channel that already has these requirements will allow you to begin earning income immediately.

2. Engaged and established audience

 A commercialized YouTube channel is likely to have an established fan base and degree of engagement with the viewers. This increases the chance of getting consistent viewers and growth potential to come in the near future.

3. The acquisition of content and a niche

Inquire an existing channel usually requires access to a defined topic of content and an archive of video content that is compatible with the specific area. This is advantageous because identifying a niche that is profitable and generating compelling content is among the toughest aspects of developing a YouTube channel starting from scratch. Once you’ve found a market, it is possible to focus on improving and developing the strategy for content.

4. SEO and Video Ranking Channels

The older videos could have accrued higher amounts of backlinks, view time, and engagement. This could positively affect the video’s popularity on platforms. It can help you save the time and energy needed to increase the exposure of your content at the beginning.

5. Risk mitigation

If you purchase a channel, you are able to assess its past performance, track record, and future, potential before making an informed choice. However, the process of starting a brand new channel can be a gamble as well. There is no assurance that it will succeed, in the sense that it may require months, or even years, for the channel, to get momentum.


In spite of these advantages, purchasing a YouTube channel comes with possible drawbacks. These include the possibility, of buying an account with false or no subscribers, content that isn’t in line with your ideals, as well as potential violations of YouTube’s rules. It’s crucial to fully investigate the channel’s, background, as well as verify its authenticity and evaluate its prospects, to grow over time before you make any purchases.

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