At the AO Arena in Manchester on Saturday, Chris Eubank Jr. takes on Liam Smith in an intriguing all-British middleweight fight.

Both men have promised big performances and are on impressive winning streaks.

Eubank’s most recent defeat came in 2018 against then-world champion George Groves, whereas Smith, who is 34, has stopped his previous three opponents.

The fight will air on BBC Radio 5 Live from 22:00 GMT, and BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra will broadcast all of the build-up and undercard action on the BBC Sport website from 20:00 GMT.

We have sought the opinions of prominent boxing figures regarding the major fight.

On points, I believe Smith will prevail. Both fighters will be hurt, and Chris Eubank has a chin. On the other hand, Liam has more force in him and his style will make Eubank’s fight difficult.”

Hannah Rankin, a former light-middleweight world champion: Eubank will win, in my opinion. However, I believe it will be much more challenging than most people anticipate. He will not be exempt from this.”

5 Barry Jones, a live boxing analyst: ” I really liked Smith as soon as it was announced: “He won’t hurt Eubank, but I don’t think Smith will care.”

Frazer Clarke, a heavyweight: Points with Liam Smith. However, I would not be at all surprised if Eubank emerges as truly exceptional. Chris Eubank has experienced this previously.”

Natasha Jonas, the undisputed light-middleweight champion in the world: Points with Liam Smith. Eubank’s first four rounds will be crucial because he needs to build a lead. We are aware that Liam emerges victorious. He has been there a million times down the home stretch and gets better as the fight goes on.

“That was demonstrated against Fowler and in his most recent fight with Vargas. We are aware that will occur, so the way you begin is crucial and must be successful. Because he’s going to work you out first, you shouldn’t think you’re going to start slowly and try to work him out.

George Groves, a former world champion, said: I can imagine that Smith is mentally tough, but I’m not sure how physical he is. Eubank is my favorite chunky dish, but it’s definitely a banana skin.”

Scott Forrest, cruiserweight: ” He won’t be able to handle Liam. Too much. Since Eubank has a strong chin, I believe Liam will win on points.”

Andy Lee, a former world champion and trainer, says: It could take either direction. Eubank is my slight favorite, but Smith could win as well.

David Haye, a former heavyweight champion: Chris Eubank Jr. is a great fighter, in my opinion. He probably hasn’t been able to convey how good he is. Because Liam is the person who will really bring out the best in him, I anticipate him to enter the room fully prepared.

Liam Williams, middleweight: ” I’ve boxed both of them. Personally, I’m betting on Liam Smith to win. Both of them won’t stop fighting, but I think Liam is better educated than Eubank.

5 Steve Bunce, a live boxing analyst: Chris Eubank is my favorite. However, I do believe that the fight will be affected by what we saw this week in Manchester.”

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