8 Common Mistakes People Make While Shifting

8 Common Mistakes People Make While Shifting

Are you in search of packers and movers in Rajkot? If yes, you must be making a move. Shifting from one place to another is indeed quite a challenging task. It requires a lot of money, time and effort. Thus, make sure you carefully choose a service provider. Furthermore, it is not the only concern which should bother you. While shifting, people are likely to make tons of mistakes as well. However, well, of course, it is not possible to discuss all of them here. Consider the most common ones as elaborated below. Learn and make your strategy to tackle them. Let’s get started. 


There is this requirement. You need to shift somewhere soon. But do you know what happens? You choose to procrastinate. It is not a habit but cancer that gets hold of you mentally till you are fully paralysed. In that case, the first thing you need to do is to get rid of this rut. Make a list of all the tasks to accomplish and complete them as per schedule. Be ahead of time. Or, choose to get doomed. Make all the arrangements for shifting ahead of time. So, you don’t have to be in a hurry at the last moment.  

Moving with Clutter

Don’t you think your house is quite a mess? If you think so, the best piece of advice someone might ever give you is to go for decluttering. In simpler words, declutter. Otherwise, you are doomed. Consider moving with all you have at the moment. And see how much it can make you suffer. You have to pack, load, unload, and unpack things that you are never ever even going to use. Thus, before house shifting services, remove clutter from your house. Only move in along with household articles that you truly need.

Hiring Novices for Cheap Rates

Sometimes, people think that they cannot afford to spend this much money. And it leads them to go extremely economical. And this is the point where super cheap services attract them. They feel an urge to only buy cheap and super pocket-friendly solutions. But the reality isn’t as it appears to be true all the time. Sometimes, hidden facts make it worse later on. Often, people offering services at cheap rates are novices. They have just joined the industry and so such service providers lack practical experience. Would you like to hire someone who has the least to no practical competence in the concerned field? Of course, you wouldn’t. So, ensure you hire someone with at least 5 to 6 years of experience. And don’t consider affordable services always cheap. They could be a hidden trap. 

Packing Issues

Furthermore, let’s talk a bit about boxes and packing as well. Packing has a vital role to play in the shifting process. Without it, a move can never ever be imagined as a hassle-free experience. The biggest mistake people make here is two-fold. First, they don’t use quality packing supplies though it is crucially important. And second, they don’t use any much-needed organisation techniques to keep the packing process sorted and easy, i.e., putting labels on each box for identification purposes later on. All these mistakes during packing cause trouble! It could contribute to damage to your belongings in transit. It may even lead to total destruction as well. What if you have only fragile items and everything gets wrecked because of a rough ride to the final destination? And when you don’t put labels, it makes unpacking tougher than you must have hardly thought. If packing seems formidable, you had better resort to hiring a professional service provider from the market.      

Unprepared Move-in

Another mistake is you have not prepared the move-in space yet. In short, suppose you have bought this house recently. And you are supposed to move in with your family soon. In that case, prepare the space right away. Ensure everything is in the right order. Check all the systems well in advance, i.e. drainage system, plumbing system, ventilation, etc. Check electronics and utilities. What if you move in and find there is no electricity, lighting, cooking gas, etc? Well, it must be quite horrible! Isn’t it? Don’t leave the new property unchecked. Ensure ahead of time that everything is working fine there. So, you make shifts without any hassle.    

No Moving Insurance

Many people do so. It is because they don’t have any knowledge and proper understanding about the same. Hardly do people show any interest in transit insurance. But it is crucial. It is the only way to get compensated in the event of damage to your belongings on the move. In other words, what if things being transported get involved in an accident and everything gets destroyed? Well, you cannot save everything every time when it has to happen. But you can buy insurance and get coverage during the aftermath. So, never miss buying this type of insurance. Let’s move on to our next mistake.   

Not Ensuring Credentials

Suppose you haven’t talked to a moving company before. Or, you are dealing with packers and movers for the first time. In that case, what do you think the right code of conduct should be? Well, as per the standards of the books, never ever hire a company without checking credentials. A person first must be experienced. Second, it must have all the legal papers to back its existence. Check Registration Number, GSTIN, Personal ID proof, etc. And when you feel confident enough to make a deal, go ahead and make a transaction. Never ever hire a company without required investigation.       

No Negotiation

So far, we have talked about many crucial points that you need to fix while shifting. By the way, mistakes are inevitable sometimes. All the time, you cannot achieve perfection. But always strive to play your best game. Now, let’s turn our attention to our next topic—not bargaining for a better deal. It is enough. You are going to make a transaction. It is your money. You cannot afford to pay whatever a service provider has decided as per their will. Bargain. Before making a payment, have an intense session of arguing your terms of negotiations. And see if it helps you make services a little cheaper. And don’t worry. Even if it didn’t work, at least you have honed bargaining skills. And it is that you have gained something without losing anything. Isn’t it amazing? So, never ever hesitate in bargaining. And when you cannot manage the process of shifting yourself, hire effective and professional packers and movers in Rajkot. They are going to be a genuine help.

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