Cologne Christmas Markets 2022

Are you thinking about going to the Cologne Christmas Markets 2022?

Continue reading for descriptions of the various markets, the foods and goods they offer, lodging options, and other useful information! The cultural and economic center of western Germany, Cologne is the largest city. The city is known for having wonderful Christmas markets, and I have to say that the Cologne Christmas markets were probably our favorite out of all the Christmas markets we saw in Europe.

Even though the buildings in Cologne were more contemporary and lacked that traditional European charm, they still looked nice. It just seemed like the city was well-kept and in great shape. But, my goodness, the Christmas markets! The decorations, merchandise, mugs, and even some of the food at each of the seven Christmas markets in Cologne had a distinct theme.

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At the point when you purchase through these connections, I might procure a reward at no extra expense for you. We sincerely appreciate your support! Drinks at the Cologne Christmas Markets 2022 But first, let’s talk about drinks, which are an essential part of going to a Christmas market in Europe!

Among the cities we visited, Cologne had some of the best mugs.

Mugs that matched the theme of the market were distinctive to each market. Additionally, there were numerous variations on that theme. In the Angel Market, for instance, there were mugs with angels on them, but there were five or six different kinds of mugs with angels doing various things. It was fantastic! We brought home mugs that we had gathered from all over Europe (pro tip: Put each mug in a sock while packing and then put them all in a clothes-padded carry-on duffel bag).

You can still go up and exchange the dirty one you just drank from for a clean one if you are keeping your mug instead of returning it for your deposit back (people were really nice when we did this – it seems like this is pretty common).

Otherwise, you’ll get those three euros back when you return it.

The mugs were, in fact, one of my favorite aspects of all the European Christmas markets we visited, and I thought they were such a delightful part of the Cologne market! Where to Stay When Going to the Cologne Markets During the Christmas season, I would highly recommend staying in a location that is close enough to walk to most, if not all, of the city’s markets. Simply put, it makes everything so much simpler! In light of this, the following are three of the best hotels in Cologne where you can spend Christmas. Each is an excellent centrally located hotel that is ideal for exploring the markets!

A travel tip: When planning a trip to the Cologne Christmas market, I highly recommend making a reservation for a hotel as soon as possible because the best accommodations tend to sell out quickly.


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