In Volcano Manor, an Elden Ring player found a sign that the Erdtree has burned before.

Elden Ring recently defeated well-known games like God of War Ragnarok, Stray, and Horizon Forbidden West to win The Game Awards’ prestigious Game of the Year award. The game’s intense combat, interactive open world, and engaging gameplay are primarily to blame for the game’s phenomenal success. In addition, Elden Ring’s lore is one of the most extensive in video game history, detailing the origins of game characters like powerful Eritrea.

GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAY The Erdtree is one of Elden Ring’s central characters and serves as a reminder of The Golden Order’s dominance over The Lands Between. Eritrea is the physical embodiment of The Golden Order itself, according to Elden Ring lore, and the player’s objective is to eliminate this enormous tree to usher in a new era. Surprisingly, however, an Elden Ring player has discovered evidence that the Erdtree has previously burned.

Elden Ring Player Gets An Incredible Victory At Colosseum Surprisingly, the painting depicts the immense Erdtree engulfed in flames and glowing a dark red, distinct from its usual golden hue.

If the initial theory about the Erdtree burning is correct, it raises more questions than it clarifies. The painting may have something to do with Knight Bernahl and his maiden, who once tried to burn Eritrea. Regardless, Elden Rings remains a mystery, and gamers continue to uncover intriguing details in the game world.


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