judge in Arizona

Following the Arizona judge’s decision in her election lawsuit, Kari Lake wrote on Twitter:

An Arizona judge ruled that two of the ten claims brought by former Republican candidate Kari Lake challenging the election victory of Democrat Governor-elect Katie Hobbs can go to trial.

Printer failure on Election Day and ballot chain of custody are the two counts that Judge Thompson ruled can proceed to trial. Lake asserted that the malfunctioning printers lacked certification and possessed “vulnerabilities” that made them “susceptible to hacking.” Additionally, she asserted that “intentional action” caused the printers to malfunction.

According to Judge Thompson, Lake must demonstrate at trial that someone violated Arizona law by interfering with the printers, that the interference caused her to lose votes, and that those lost votes affected the election’s outcome.

Regarding the issue of the chain of custody, Lake claimed that employees of the county’s ballot contractor violated the “County Election Manual” when they added ballots of family members and also failed to secure an “Inbound Receipt of Delivery.” Arizona certifies the results of the 2022 election, cementing democratic candidate’s statewide victories. According to Judge Thompson, the question of whether the county followed its own manual and any applicable statutes is more of a dispute of fact than of law.

Before January 2, a two-day trial will take place. The current Secretary of State of Arizona, Hobbs, and County Recorder Stephen Richer would have to testify.

Lake wrote on Twitter in response to the decision, ” BREAKING: The trial for our Election Case has begun. Katie Hobbs’ attempt to dismiss our case was unsuccessful. America, buckle up. This is by no means over.”

Hobbs defeated Lake, who received support from former President Donald Trump, by just over 17,000 votes.

“Thousands of voters, disproportionately Republican, gave up voting due to the long wait times or simply avoided the polls after seeing the chaos reported,” the former TV anchor claimed.


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