Adnan Sami on his life

Adnan Sami discussed the moment he was informed he had six months to live. In the end, he lost 160 pounds.

Adnan Sami on his life, a singer, and composer underwent a significant transformation a few years ago, losing approximately 160 kilograms. Adnan spoke candidly about the time in his life when he was unable to even lie down and had to sleep sitting up straight. The singer of Kabhi To Nazar Milao claimed that during that stage, it was nearly impossible for him to raise his legs, and his drivers were instructed to raise his legs when he had to sit inside the vehicle.

Adnan told Brut India that the doctor told him, “I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents found you dead in a hotel room six months from now,” when they met. Because it was so hard to forget, that sentence will stay in my head forever. The singer from Udi Udi stated that the fact that his father was sitting next to him made the pain even worse.

The singer mentioned that people frequently referred to him as “cute” and “gold mold,” but that underneath that “entire facade, I was going through a lot of trouble. Additionally, he stated, “At some point, my legs became so heavy that I couldn’t lift them up to get in the car.” My drivers were instructed to lift my leg and place it in the vehicle as soon as I came close to it, doing so in such a discrete manner that no one would really question “what the hell happened just now?”

In one more segment of the video, Adnan Sami on his life reviewed that when he weighed around 230 kilos, he would gorge on brownies continually. He shared that while he was recording music, he would eat brownies from a tray on his side like “people eat peanuts.” “A lot of people who saw me at that time, they were traumatized by it but they still remember it,” he recalled. They ask, “Do you remember how many brownies you used to have when we used to record?” World News Spot


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