Regarding medical tourism, the UK government has issued a travel advisory for Turkey.

According to the country’s travel advice page, “We are aware of 22 British nationals who have died in After 22 deaths in Turkey, the UK issues a travel warning. since January 2019 following medical tourism visits.”

Medical tourism: what is it?

Medical tourism, also known as “health tourism,” is the travel of tourists to other countries to receive medical care. Among the most common procedures are cardiac surgery, dental surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

Complications such as infections and antibiotic resistance, a lack of stringent licensing and regulation in some nations, and inadequate follow-up care when patients return home are some of the primary risks.

How can health tourism go wrong?

After 22 deaths in Turkey, from dental implants earlier this year, a Manchester, UK, woman spoke out.

She stated, “I had big gaps underneath my gums, and you could see all the metal bits (of the implants)” when she awoke from the procedure.

She states, “Originally, they were going to do five implants.” However, the dentists informed her that they would “have to remove all of your teeth” just as the treatment was about to begin.

Here, you can learn more about her and watch a video about her story.

Which nations attract medical tourists the most?

Over 640,000 health tourists visited Turkey in 2021, bringing in nearly €1 billion in revenue, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. 

According to the Turkish Dental Association, this makes Turkey one of the world’s leading destinations for dental tourism, with 150,000 to 250,000 foreign patients traveling to the country annually for dental care. 

Dental work is also popular in Hungary, Thailand, and Dubai, and health tourism is popular in India, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, and South Korea.

Before proceeding with any procedures abroad, it is essential to conduct in-depth research due to the wide range of differences in the quality of medical facilities and treatments available worldwide.

The UK government warns, “It is unwise to rely upon private companies that have a financial interest in arranging your medical treatment abroad.” 

In response to reports of botched dental procedures in the country, Turkey has made headlines in recent months. The term “Turkey teeth” has become popular.


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