Indonesian boy

was pulled from the rubble of a deadly earthquake in Indonesia. In a “miracle” rescue, the boy was trapped under the debris without food or water.

CIANJUR, Indonesian boy: In a “miracle” rescue, a six-year-old boy was rescued from the rubble of a deadly earthquake in Indonesia after being trapped there for two days without food or water. Days after the powerful earthquake that struck the West Java town of Cianjur on Monday, killing at least 271 people, the dramatic rescue that was captured on camera Wednesday evening rekindled hopes that survivors could still be pulled alive from the rubble.

Local volunteer Jeksen Kolibu, 28, told AFP on Thursday,

“Once we realized Azka was alive, everybody broke into tears, including me.” “It was very moving, like a miracle,” she said. The boy Azka was seen being rescued from a destroyed home in Cugenang, the worst-hit district of Cianjur, in the blue shirt and pants he was wearing when he became trapped.

The footage, which was released by the administration of the Bogor district in West Java, showed that another rescue worker wearing an orange hard hat ran after them to hold the boy’s hand as the man who pulled him out of a hole cut in the debris held him in both arms.

The unidentified Azka was then shown calmly sipping a beverage while another emergency worker stroked his hair and held him by a soldier. A volunteer told AFP on Thursday that his mother died in the earthquake and that her body was found hours before Azka’s rescue. Kolibri stated that the boy was then discovered next to his deceased grandmother.

According to local media, the only thing that saved him was a wall that held up another collapsed wall from falling on him.

He was discovered lying on a bed on the left side of the house. Kolibri stated, “There was a 10-centimeter gap between him and the concrete slab, and he was protected by a pillow.”The space was so small, it was hot, and it was dark. There wasn’t enough room for air.”
He stated, “If we knew we would have tried harder the night before, we wouldn’t have expected him to still be alive after 48 hours.” Indonesian boy

“I’ve never seen anything like this in all the years I’ve been a volunteer. How could you not weep?

Due to the two-day ordeal, the young boy appeared dazed and traumatized. Kolibri stated, “Azka did not make a sound, he did not cry for help, and he did not whimper at all.” “He was still conscious when he was pulled out of the rubble, but he didn’t say anything. He appeared so lost.

According to officials, the majority of those killed in the earthquake were children who were at home or in school at the time.
As rescue workers were delayed by pounding rain and potentially lethal aftershocks, authorities issued a warning that there were approximately forty people who were still missing. However, the search for those who were still missing, including a girl of seven years old, continued. World News Spot


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