A key obstacle to contract negotiations between the union and the company was removed when a federal labor official on Wednesday rejected Amazon attempt to overturn a union victory at a Staten Island warehouse.

In a statement, Amazon stated that it was aware that the regional director was unlikely to rule against the agency. The company argued that the election was unfair due to improper conduct by the union and the labor board.

The business stated that it would submit an appeal to the Washington labor board.

The statement continued, “We don’t believe this election process was fair, legitimate, or representative of the majority of what our team wants, as we’ve said since the beginning.”

Andy Jassy, Amazon’s chief executive, said in an interview at The New York Times DealBook conference at the end of November that the company would not give up on its challenges, calling the battle “far from over.”

Mr. Jassy stated, “That has a real chance to end up in federal courts.

The evidence that Amazon provided, according to the N.L.R.B. regional director, either did not demonstrate that the union or the board acted improperly or that their actions did not alter the outcome of the election. For instance, Amazon had complained that the labor board had failed to keep journalists away from the voting area.

Participation was open to more than 8,000 workers, and the union won by about 10 percentage points.After a few weeks, the union lost a vote to represent workers at LDJ5, a smaller Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, and another vote in October at a warehouse near Albany, New York.

After another unfavorable ruling against Amazon.

A New York federal judge issued an injunction requiring the business to “cease and desist” from firing workers for exercising their labor rights in the middle of November. Additionally, the judge ordered company officials to read her order to warehouse workers.

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