Before Hiring Pest Control Services in Pune, Drive Pests Naturally

Before Hiring Pest Control Services in Pune, Drive Pests Naturally

Are you looking for pest control services in Pune? Is it because you have pest problems in your kitchen? Well, if yes, you have come to the right resource. Get to know all the natural ways here. And drive these stubborn pests out of your clean and healthy kitchen.

Use Neem and The Related Products

Don’t just run after pest control services in Pune? You have pest issues. So, you can fix such issues naturally as well. To solve pest issues in an eco-friendly way, consider it. Use neem to keep kitchen bugs at bay. Do you have these dirt flies hovering over wet garbage? Don’t worry. Put an end to them. Use neem spray. Take a few drops of neem essential oil and mix it well with the right quantity of water. And apply this spray to every affected area.       

Sprinkle Peppermint Powders all over the Places

Hiring effective pest control services in Pune is not always the solution. Sometimes, natural remedies work well. And thus, harsh chemicals are no more needed. It is time you use peppermint in your kitchen. Peppermint is not only for pest control. It can be used for various kitchen purposes. One of them is to augment the flavour of exotic Indian dishes. By the way, let’s not take a long digression. Get back to the bug issues in the kitchen.    

So, you can use peppermint in all its forms. Use its essential oil. And make a spray out of it. And then apply such a mixture all over the affected areas. Peppermint solutions work best on mosquitoes, ants and little flies very well. Furthermore, do you have ants going everywhere in lines? If yes, get peppermint powder and that is it. Sprinkle it over them and see how they run from the spot quickly.  

Don’t Forget Coffee Grounds

Pest control services in Pune may help a lot but definitely, there will be chemicals. Pest professionals will come and use dangerous chemicals in your kitchen. Do you want this to happen? If you don’t, consider the following. Don’t rush to hire a pest control company. Instead, first, try to deal with this problem naturally. And thus, now on our list, we have coffee grounds. Don’t look surprised!

You must have thought that you can only sip coffee cups. But that is not true. Coffee can also serve as the most effective pest repellent. All you need is to ground them and make a fine powder. So, when you see pests around, use this powder. Spread this all over the affected areas. Many times, there are ants in big numbers. Apply it on them. Likewise, use this powder on many bug problems.    

Apply Cider Vinegar to Work on Moths and Drain Flies

Well, so far, we have discussed how you can fight insect issues using home ingredients. But if the problem persists, get the best pest control services in Pune possible.  

In this section, we are going to talk about cider vinegar. Suppose your kitchen is filled with a lot of moths and flies. In that case, don’t get worried. You may be tense. But you don’t have to. This is because you have got cider vinegar. Get the bottle in your hand and make the perfect solution out of it. What you need to do is as follows. Get some vinegar out of the bottle. And, mix it well with some spirit. If you don’t have any alcoholic beverages, consider adding water. Once the mixture is ready,  use it.

Spray your vinegar—anti-pest solution—on spiders, ants, termites, and gross flies as well. This is the most effective solution. This trick will drive all the dirty flies out of your kitchen. You can also use pure vinegar to keep cockroaches at bay.  

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Use Lavender Products for Fleas

Have you ever smelt lavender? If yes, it must have caught your full attention. Not only can you experience its aromatic beauty but use it to keep pests away as well. Your kitchen is a delicate place. And you cannot think of using harmful chemical substances there. So, the solution is to use this ingredient.  Have a lot of lavender in your kitchen. And automatically, it will keep waste flies away. Suppose you produce a lot of garbage and wet waste in your kitchen. In that case, the best thing is to put a few drops of lavender essential oil there. And make your garbage fly free. This works terribly well. Whenever flies are hovering over, spray some clouds of lavender solution there.  It will immediately make them go.

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