Behind the Scenes of Briansclub: Who Are the Actors Involved?

Behind the Scenes of Briansclub: Who Are the Actors Involved?


Briansclub was a notorious online marketplace for stolen credit card data that operated from 2015 to 2019. During its existence, it facilitated significant financial losses for individuals and businesses around the world. The takedown of briansclub in October 2019 revealed the complex network of actors involved in running and supporting this illicit operation. In this article, we will delve into the behind-the-scenes of Briansclub, exploring the key actors and their roles in this criminal enterprise.

The Founder: Brian Krebs

The founder of Briansclub was none other than Brian Krebs himself, a renowned cybersecurity journalist. Instead, he played a crucial role in uncovering and exposing the operation to the public. Krebs relentlessly investigated the dark web, gathering evidence and publishing detailed reports that shed light on the inner workings of Briansclub.

The Administrators

Behind the scenes of Briansclub was a group of administrators who managed the day-to-day operations of the marketplace. These individuals were responsible for maintaining the platform, ensuring the availability of stolen credit card data, and managing the relationships with the sellers and buyers.


After the Target breach, Rescator continued his activities on bclub, offering stolen credit card data for sale and providing support to other sellers on the platform.

The Sellers

At the heart of Briansclub were the sellers who listed and sold stolen credit card data on the platform. These individuals operated in the shadows, leveraging their hacking skills and connections to access vast amounts of credit card information.

Rescator’s Elite Sellers

Rescator, one of the administrators of Briansclub, had a select group of elite sellers who were trusted to provide high-quality stolen credit card data. These sellers had proven track records and were known for their ability to supply fresh and valid credit card information.

Independent Sellers

In addition to Rescator’s elite sellers, there were numerous independent sellers who operated on Briansclub. These individuals were not directly affiliated with any particular administrator but had their own networks and sources of stolen credit card data.

The Buyers

On the other side of the Briansclub marketplace were the buyers, individuals or groups seeking to purchase stolen credit card data for their own illicit purposes. The buyers ranged from individuals looking to make fraudulent purchases to organized criminal groups involved in large-scale financial fraud.


Carders were a specific group of buyers who specialized in using stolen credit card data to make fraudulent transactions. These individuals were skilled in various techniques, such as card cloning, card-not-present fraud, and identity theft. Carders often had sophisticated networks and tools to maximize their illicit gains while minimizing the risk of detection.

Fraud Rings

Some buyers on Briansclub were part of larger fraud rings that operated on a global scale. The stolen credit card data obtained from Briansclub provided the necessary resources for these fraud rings to carry out their illegal activities.

Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Community

While the criminals behind Briansclub operated in the shadows, they were not immune to the efforts of law enforcement and the cybersecurity community. The cybersecurity community also played a crucial role in gathering intelligence and providing support to law enforcement agencies.


Behind the scenes of Briansclub, a complex network of actors facilitated the operation of this notorious marketplace for stolen credit card data. From the founder, Brian Krebs, who exposed the operation to the administrators, sellers, and buyers who fueled the illicit activities, each actor played a specific role in the success and eventual downfall of Briansclub. Law enforcement agencies and the cybersecurity community worked tirelessly to bring an end to this criminal enterprise. The takedown of Briansclub serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against cybercrime. The importance of collaboration between various stakeholders in combating these illicit activities.

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