Behtreen Zouja ka Intekhab !


In Islam, marriage is a sacred institution that brings two individuals together in a lifelong partnership based on love, compassion, and mutual respect. The role of a wife (Zouja) is of great significance. This is Because she is not only a life partner but also a source of support, comfort, and tranquility in the household. Molana Muhammad Kamran, an esteemed Islamic scholar, has made remarkable contributions in guiding individuals toward choosing the perfect wife in accordance with Islamic principles. In this article, we explore his valuable insights on what constitutes the ideal life partner. Also known as (Behtreen Zouja ka Intekhab) according to Islam.

Strong Faith and Piety:

Molana Muhammad Kamran emphasizes the importance of strong faith as the foundation of a successful marriage. The perfect wife, as per Islamic teachings, should be a woman of deep faith and piety. Her devotion to Allah should reflect in her actions, prayers, and character. A wife who seeks closeness to Allah and strives to follow the teachings of Islam becomes a beacon of righteousness. She also spreads spirituality within the family.

Moral and Ethical Values:

A key aspect of the perfect wife is her adherence to high moral and ethical values. Molana advises individuals to seek a life partner who displays honesty and integrity. Also a sense of responsibility in all aspects of life. A wife with strong moral values becomes a role model for her family, instilling the same virtues in her children and promoting a harmonious atmosphere in the household.

Supportive and Understanding Nature:

In Islam, the husband and wife are described as garments for each other, providing protection, comfort, and support. Molana Muhammad Kamran emphasizes the significance of choosing a wife who is understanding, empathetic, and supportive. A wife who stands by her husband during challenging times and shares in his joys and sorrows helps foster a strong and resilient marital bond.

Wisdom and Intellect:

Islam encourages seeking knowledge and wisdom, and this applies to both men and women. The perfect wife, according to Molana Muhammad Kamran, should be intellectually curious and have a thirst for knowledge. A wife who is wise and knowledgeable becomes a valuable partner in decision-making. She also contributes positively to the family’s growth and progress.

Respect and Kindness:

Respect is a fundamental aspect of any successful relationship. A wife who treats her husband with kindness, respect, and dignity strengthens the marital bond. She also creates a loving atmosphere at home. Molana Muhammad Kamran advises individuals to seek a wife who values and cherishes her husband. Because this makes the relationship a source of peace and contentment.

A Sense of Humility and Patience:

Life is full of challenges, and a patient and humble wife can significantly contribute to overcoming difficulties. Molana Muhammad Kamran highlights the importance of choosing a life partner who possesses humility and patience. Such a wife not only handles hardships with grace but also helps in maintaining harmony within the family.


In the quest for the perfect wife (Zouja), Islamic teachings provide invaluable guidance. Molana Muhammad Kamran’s contributions to the topic of Behtreen Zouja ka Intekhab sheds light on the qualities and virtues that make a woman an ideal life partner. A wife who embodies strong faith, moral values, supportiveness, wisdom, respect, and patience enriches the family life. She also becomes a source of blessing and tranquility. By following these principles, individuals can make a well-informed and spiritually guided choice. This choice will help in finding their perfect life partner according to the teachings of Islam.

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