Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leader of the opposition who is based in Lithuania and works to coordinate foreign opponents of Belarus Puts government, called the trial a “farce.” She claimed that her attempts to contact her government-appointed defense lawyer had been unsuccessful.

Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus since 1994. With the support of Russia, Belarus’s main ally, the government crushed the months-long uprising with extraordinary force.

According to her Telegram account, Ms.Tikhanovskaya is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week.

There, she told the attendees that her trial only provided additional evidence of the Lukashenko government’s “crimes against the people of Belarus.” Belarus is Russia’s main international ally and a staging ground for Moscow’s nearly 11-month-old full-scale invasion of Ukraine. It borders Russia to the west and Ukraine to the north.

In recent months, Mr. Putin and Mr. Lukashenko have met a number of times, the most recent of which was on December 27 in St. Petersburg. There has been a lot of speculation that the Belarusian army might join Russia in the fighting. However, Ms. Tikhanovskaya stated this week in Davos that she did not think Mr. Lukashenko would risk the public outcry that could result from sending troops to Ukraine.

Ms. Tikhanovskaya stated to the Reuters news agency on Monday, Lukashenko’s regime isn’t sure that if he sends troops to fight with the Russian army in Ukraine, the Belarus people won’t change sides, hide or betray him.” As a result, “the status quo is comfortable for Lukashenko and Putin.

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