Best AI Video Editor free tools

Best AI Video Editor free tools

AI is transforming the digital arena and video editing is an arena where AI has been playing a vital role in recent years. AI Video Editor software helps users produce videos of better production quality and in less time. Visual and audio production has got a new meaning thanks to AI Video maker software or tools and that too for free. In this blog, we are going to talk about the best AI video editor free tools that you must use in 2023.

But, before that let’s understand what is meant by AI video editing.

AI applications have made video production and editing a seamless and smooth process. AI helps video makers make videos without making errors as AI tools detect the same and smoothen out the video making process. Video Editing AI tools are the new way marketers, content creators, editors, directors, and professionals are creating ripples in the industry. 

An AI video maker helps creators make the necessary changes by having knowledge about errors and making perfect videos that in turn enable them to earn more views and subscribers. AI video editor tools offer different customization options to creators that they can leverage to perfect the art of video editing and video making.

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What are the benefits of using AI Video editor or AI video maker tools?

AI Video editor online tools can reduce the time needed to make and edit videos drastically thus making video production companies queue for them as automation not only eliminates the need for performing repetitive tasks but also helps enhance the quality of videos.

Video editing AI tools offer a wide range of color correction, matching, and grading features that help video production companies compare between shots and produce a perfect video as per specific needs.

AI Video editor tools help in upscaling or improving the resolution of videos from as low as 480P to as high as 8K which automatically enhances the quality of videos.

Also, video stabilization technologies eliminate the instances of shaky footage and make the footage smoother.

If you need to curate video content, you can reliably leave the task to AI video editor tools and make videos in large volumes. 

Now that we are aware of the benefits of using AI video editor tools, let’s have a look at a few of the best AI video maker free-to-use tools. Here they are:

  1. – This web-based video editor is the first name on our list of the best AI video maker free-to-use tools. This video editor along with its AI-powered tools is capable of doing almost anything – from removing background noises to generating subtitles automatically to even resizing and trimming videos. Since the free version of can edit up to 4 minute-long videos, it is best suited for short videos that are made for marketing purposes. Also, with the free version, you can export videos in 720p and get the auto subtitler for 10 minutes per month.
  2. – being the best avatar-centered AI video editor tool, is the next name on our list. It helps generate new content instead of refining it. Not only can you generate subjects, but also voices, and backgrounds with this amazing video editing AI tool. You can also use as an AI video maker free-to-use tool by navigating to the free demo video page. 
  3. – is a video editing AI tool that is best suited to beginners. It just requires a single click for you to remove unnecessary backgrounds and alter the frame rate so that your video is sped up or slowed down at your convenience. There is not only an AI-powered speech-to-subjects tool but also a text-to-speech feature whereby you can add a voice-over to your video without having to record your voice manually. Isn’t that interesting? Wait! The interesting part is still not over. is an AI Video editor online tool that is absolutely free. Although, if you need more features, you could subscribe to their premium plans any day.
  4. – is the AI-powered video editor that features next on our list of best AI video editor tools. lets users create jaw-droppingly attractive social videos with their short video SDK and API. It has some solid features and makes video editing a simple and easy task. It also offers cross-platform support so you can grow your user base in no time. offers a 14-day free trial period where you can thoroughly evaluate the SDK performance.
  5. – You have an article but you want to convert it into a video. Right? Leave the daunting task to which is almost similar in feature to This video editing AI tool stands out for its AI-powered article-to-text tool. It is free to use however, the free-to-use videos come with a watermark. But, that does not make this simple yet solid tool any less important.

Summing Up

Hope you have a clear idea of the best AI video editor tools like Converting images to video using ChatGPT which is also free to use Now, comes the million-dollar question – Do you need to learn advanced video editing skills to use the above-mentioned AI Video editor online tools? The answer to that question is a simple but humble “No.” What are you waiting for? Head to your device and use these now!

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