As we’re slowly but surely slipping into spring, we can’t help but get excited about the many style changes to come — including the Best Nail Designs we’ve been thinking about all winter. Sure, we’ve loved embracing the velvet nail look and moody nail polish colors of the past few months, but we’re eager to welcome a brighter color palette and fresh design ideas.

California-based nail artist and LeChat Nails educator Hemi Park says that, while floral designs are always popular when temperatures warm up, she is predicting retro-inspired flowers, in particular, will reign supreme this season. You can also expect more chrome designs on your Instagram feed, and abstract 1970s swirls, because vintage vibes are here to stay.

To help you plan your upcoming spring manicures, we ask some experts to recommend designs with which you can’t go wrong, including the aforementioned trends, French manicures, unexpected color combos, textured accents, and more. Whether you want to glue on a set of press-on and call it a day, test your patience with abstract squiggles on long, natural nails, or visit your nail tech for some jelly acrylics, our list has something for everyone.

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