The sci-fi films of 1993 were fantastic and explored a wide range of concepts. One of the most successful franchises ever made with dinosaurs was born that year. It also contributed to the development of the time loop genre with its quirky comedy, which has since had an impact on movie and video game concepts.

RELATED: Best Sci-Fi Horror Films In addition to launching new franchises, 1993 also saw the completion of two of the greatest trilogies of the time. The majority of these movies are now available to stream for free or to buy directly for bargain bin prices. This review of some of the best and most notable sci-fi films from 1993 contains no spoilers.

GAMERANT VIDEO OF THE DAY 8/8: Demolition Man Demolition Man is well-known in popular culture for two things. First, it imagines a world where Taco Bell reigns supreme as the only fast food chain. Two, it reveals that people in the bathroom use seashells to wipe themselves, a long story best told by the movie.

Sylvester Stallone plays a police officer who is pursuing Wesley Snipes’ character when they are both accidentally frozen. Stallone is more lost than Snipes, but both wake up and resume their pursuit. It’s a classic film from the 1990s that has a lot of action and shows a future that is abandoned.

Ghost in the Machine Ghost in the Machine is a popular 1990s sci-fi horror film with a plot.

What would happen if a murderer could become ensnared in the Internet and continue to use technology to kill? This is the movie’s premise: a killer goes after a family he tried to kill before he died.

Unique kills include one in which the killer literally cooks a man by heating the entire kitchen like a microwave. The film also doesn’t shy away from the bloodshed. It’s amusing to reflect on the Internet and virtual reality culture of the 1990s. Even though there is some cheese in it, Ghost in the Machine is still a good movie.

6/8 Groundhog Day Groundhog Day was one of the first films of its kind, despite having a loose sci-fi concept. In Groundhog Day, Bill Murray portrays a reporter caught in a time loop. He has just one day to figure out how to get away. Although the concept is terrifying and the movie doesn’t shy away from its darker moments, it is still a comedy at heart.

RELATED: The Best Disaster Films in Science Fiction For instance, there is a lengthy montage in which Murray commits suicide by using a toaster in the bathtub. Movies and games would later be influenced by the time loop idea. In some media, the inspiration is even explicitly mentioned, as in Happy Death Day.

Jurassic Park Whether you’re looking for a disaster horror film or an intriguing sci-fi premise.

Jurassic Park is a timeless classic. It is one of those movies that can be watched over and over again indefinitely because every time they visit the park with the same name, they discover new details. Additionally, it’s fun to try to learn Ian Malcolm’s laugh and memorize the quotes.

Every time the group sees dinosaurs for the first time or the main characters enter the park, it’s a magical moment. Since then, the franchise has produced movies, games, cartoons, and more. Although all of the sequels are still pretty good, it’s a shame that they didn’t receive the same level of critical acclaim as the original.

Last Action Hero is like an Isekai in which a fortunate child is warped into the movies. The child in question, Danny, gets to fulfill his dreams alongside Jack Slater, his favorite action hero. He even gets to meet characters from Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartoons.

Once Danny and Jack return to the real world to stop a killer, the movie also creates a reverse Isekai. Arnold Schwarzenegger absolutely dominates this entertaining 1990s meta-action film.

RoboCop 3 concludes the first three installments of the series before the 2014 reboot.

The title character was given to Robert John Burke instead of Peter Weller, and the rating was changed from R to PG-13. Because of this, the movie was less violent and contained less colorful language.

RELATED: Top Ten Scariest Sci-Fi Movie Robots All of these factors taken together could explain why so many fans consider this to be the weakest part of the trilogy. Even though it doesn’t live up to the first or even the second movie, it still manages to make some fun action scenes and introduce a new ninja assassin robot that looks like the Terminator.

Super Mario Bros. 2/8: The Motion Picture Super Mario Bros. Because it is not a movie adaptation like the video games, The Movie draws a lot of criticism. Even though there are only tenuous ties to the games, this movie dominates on its own. It’s a crazy idea for Mario and Luigi to get sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom, which is like a dystopian future ruled by dinosaurs.

It’s another Isekai, but it’s much darker underneath than Last Action Hero.

In 2021, a group restored cut scenes from the movie and uploaded the entire thing online, demonstrating the dedication of the movie’s supporters. Sometimes, the Internet can be a beautiful place.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3’s sci-fi premise of four turtles evolving into humanoid, talkative ninjas is already outstanding. Beyond this concept, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 takes the heroes back in time to Japan. Who would have thought that the conclusion of this original trilogy would become a movie about time travel?

Back to the Future 3 may have inspired them, but instead of cowboys, they used samurai. This film, like RoboCop 3, is the weakest in the original Turtles trilogy, but it is also too funny to pass up for potential viewers.

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