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Block Paving safe and durable pathways

Block Paving

What is Block Paving?

Block Paving is a method of using brick and blocks individually to beautify your driveways. Due to its nature, it is made for heavy traffic. Paving can be used anywhere, either on a patio or pathways, or driveways.


The most frequent question we have asked is Block paving in Richmond, the correct recommendation for driveways? Well,  block paving is specifically designed for vehicles to run over it, as it makes them most durable. Safeway driveways also say that is the most attractive option too to give your home appeal.


Every other person who has block paving in Richmond wants it to be safe. Most questions arise if it’s really safe or not. After considering each little detail and concerns Safeway Driveways make sure that it will be safe for everyone. Block is safe to install in your driveways. Block is ideal for pre-schools, hospitals, parks, and even hotels. It is a safer alternative to more traditional driveways.

Block Paving Styles

There are many block paving in Richmond styles you can get from Safeway Driveways which suits your driveways. With a vast variety, our experts know how to make it more perfect like this style is only made for you.

You can get different colors too to suit your house exterior like gray color suits the house which is already painted with white color. Two-tone and blended shades of red and orange are often used for red brick homes. Light blended shades like Croft complement traditional and stone-built houses.

Planning of Block Paving?

The planning is the most basic part of any paving project. Rough block paving stones that break, sink and drop off the mark are the aftereffect of wrong paving– and you can lose a lot of cash to repair.

To guarantee you don’t run into these issues, focus on building strong paving in Richmond.

What you need:

  • Soul level
  • Wooden stakes
  • Estimating tape
  • Digging tool
  • Nursery rake
  • Plate compactor

Step by Step Instructions for Paving

Check your paving is level – be careful. The best ground to chip away at is firm and level with waste – three critical focuses to consider while setting up your.

Then mark out your paving region with wooden stakes; the highest point of the stakes will go about as a marker for the completed surface’s tallness. Imprint around 300mm over at the free edge (the edge from the paved region) for edges and consider a gap of 1:80 from any dividers for surface waste.

Building Block Paving Line

Where other paving projects work out by laying a sub-base and afterward pavers from a corner, have a different strategy.

What you need to construct a block paving line

  • Block curbs/substantial edging
  • Concrete
  • Saying/smasher run
  • Plate compactor
  • Sharp sand
  • String lines
  • Screeding rails
  • Straight edge

Instructions to construct a paving line:

The initial step is to lay edge limitations (generally curbs or substantial edging) around your block paving porch. To do this, pour 100mm of cement where you plan on laying your blocks, pouring enough for each edge.

Bed your edge limitation into the substantial and leave a 45-degree backside at the edges to keep the blocks from moving.

TOP TIP: Install any underground seepage or sewer vent covers that you need at this stage.

Inlay the focal paving region with 150mm of MoT/smasher run, compacted to 100mm.

Onto this compacted paving region, apply a layer of clammy sharp sand of 50mm and a plate compactor. Then, apply a second layer of sharp sand to 20mm.

Level this second layer of sharp sand with string lines, screeding rails, and a straight edge, guaranteeing it’s anything but a fall of 1:80.

What you need to lay block paving:

Block paving stones (we suggest penetrable block pavers)

  • Estimating tape
  • Mechanical block splitter
  • Delicate brush
  • Plate compactor
  • Oven-dried sand

Step-by-step instructions to lay block paving:

You can start laying your blocks on top of your laying course at the absolute bottom of your paved region.

*Please note the above direction is relevant to home driveways for vehicle traffic as it were.

Need any help? We realize you need your arranging task to look exceptional – and we do as well. For any paving buys, guidance, help, or motivation on any project, connect with Safeway today.

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