Can You Stream MLB Games for Free Legally?

Can You Stream MLB Games for Free Legally?

Baseball draws over 500 million fans globally. With a grueling 162 game regular season schedule spanning six months and 2,430 games total, following MLB action is a major commitment for supporters. Thankfully, fans today have more options to watch games legally without expensive cable packages. Here are some methods to stream MLB Games for Free:

MLB TV Free Game of the Day

The MLB.TV subscription package brings out-of-market baseball games to fans online and through apps. While the full season costs $139.99, MLB.TV offers one free MLB Games for Free to stream every day without needing a subscription.

The free “Game of the Day” provides a legal way to sample MLB.TV’s streaming offering. Games are available on the web and apps with registration required. Archives of past free games are also available going back to 2018.

MLB Social Media Free Games

In addition to the Game of the Day on MLB.TV, MLB also periodically offers certain games available for streaming free MLB on various social media platforms:

  • YouTube: Select games air on MLB’s official YouTube channel throughout the season.
  • Facebook: MLB Facebook Watch has streamed games for free viewing directly on their page.
  • Twitter: Some regionally broadcast games are made available on Twitter for free.

Check MLB social accounts for upcoming promotional free streaming games over the course of each season.

Local Team Radio Streaming

While not video, baseball on the radio remains a cherished tradition for many fans. MLB clubs broadcast every game over radio, with free online streaming available:

  • Download club mobile apps for free radio streaming access.
  • Listen via the MLB At Bat app which includes all team radio feeds.
  • Access radio streaming on team websites alongside the live MLB.TV video feed.

Baseball on the radio is perfect for listening at work or on the go. Play-by-play calls let you follow every pitch and moment.

Limited Local TV Streaming

A few regional sports networks affiliated with MLB clubs stream a limited number of games locally for free through their team apps and websites. For example:

  • Chicago Cubs air some games on the Marquee Sports Network site and app.
  • Philadelphia Phillies stream a selection of games on NBC Sports Philadelphia.
  • Houston Astros offer occasional games on AT&T Sportsnet Southwest’s website.

While subject to blackout restrictions, regional networks do provide sporadic free game options during each MLB season.

OTA Antenna Channels

Using an over-the-air digital antenna allows access to live locally broadcast MLB games on tonight with free network affiliate stations available in your region:

  • Fox Saturday Baseball on regional Fox stations
  • Sunday Night Baseball on NBC affiliates
  • Special national events like the All-Star Game and Postseason on ABC/Fox/NBC

While limited, antennas fill in gaps particularly for nationally televised marquee games during the MLB schedule.

Free Trials And Promotional Offers

There are some trial and promotional service offers: 

Streaming Services Free Trials

Many streaming platforms offer free trial periods for new subscribers. Services like Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and Sling TV sometimes provide trials that coincide with the MLB season. If timed correctly, you can catch a few games without spending a cent.

Promotional Offers by Streaming Services

Occasionally, streaming services partner with sports leagues like the MLB to offer promotional deals. These deals can include free access to specific games or discounted subscriptions. Keep an eye out for such offers during the baseball season.

Temporary Free Previews on Streaming Services

New streaming TV subscribers can access short-term MLB Games for Free previews when signing up for a free trial including:

  • fuboTV (7-day free trial includes regional sports networks)
  • DIRECTV STREAM (5-day free preview offers regional sports)
  • Hulu + Live TV (7-day free trial has ESPN, FS1, and local channels)
  • Sling TV (3-day free preview on some Sling packages with ESPN/FS1)

Take advantage of the free trial window to stream live baseball, just be sure to cancel before getting billed if you don’t want to continue the paid service.

Free Streaming with T-MobileMLB.TV Subscription

T-Mobile and Sprint customers on select unlimited wireless plans get free annual MLB.TV subscriptions (no blackouts). This provides season-long streaming access to out-of-market games without any additional cost.

How much does paid MLB TV cost?

Full MLB.TV subscriptions cost $139.99 annually or $24.99 monthly. Single-team packages are $89.99 per season.

Why are some MLB games blacked out on MLB TV?

Regional broadcast rights mean local team games are blacked out in their territory on MLB.TV. National broadcasts also face restrictions. Blackout rules protect rights holders.

Are free MLB streams lower in video quality?

MLB prioritizes high-quality HD streams even for free games. Limited exceptions are press conferences and radio streams. Free does not imply reduced picture quality.

What about watching Minor League Baseball for free online?

Options are limited, but some MiLB teams provide free audio streams or offer occasional free games on regional sports networks. Access overall remains very restricted.

Does MLB crack down on illegal free streaming sites?

MLB aggressively protects copyrights and pursues takedowns of unauthorized pirate streaming sites and channels distributing paid content illegally online.

Can I stream baseball internationally using a VPN?

In some cases yes, using a VPN can help circumvent regional blackout restrictions when abroad. But streaming platforms ban most VPN usage violating terms of service.

While not unlimited, fans have enough free games legally streamed over MLB platforms, social media, antennas, and trials to get a baseball fix online during seasons without resorting to piracy. 


While limited compared to the volume of MLB Games for Free across networks and ballparks each day, fans do have options to stream some baseball legally for free over the course of each season. From the MLB.TV free Game of the Day to social media offerings, radio streams, and more, sample free MLB action without resorting to sketchy pirated feeds. Combine a few go-to sources and enjoy America’s pastime online without paying.

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