Michael Douglas

This year, Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary. Since the couple celebrates a lot of birthdays and holidays together, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America decided that now was a good time to inquire about which member of the A-list couple is better at giving gifts. Zeta-Jones provided an honest and upbeat response.

She mumbled, “I think it has to be Michael Douglas,” under her breath. My marriage has lasted 22 years. Around year 8, I reached my peak. I would have been a little more reserved if I had known how long I would be married. I didn’t picture a 22-year-old. Man, this is Hollywood! The 53-year-old actress made the TV anchors laugh because she was right: marriages in the entertainment industry don’t always last as long.

So, in her best year, what did she buy Douglas? a fast car! She compared the present to a miniature Bugsy Malone automobile. It was fantastic, but then I reached my peak. She then made a quip, “It’s socks ever since.” LOL. We bet it’s the Oscar winner’s most expensive pair of socks.

According to his wife, Douglas is an excellent gift giver because “he’s good on the jewelry,” which she truly values for its “sentimental value” (we also bet it is pretty sparkly). Zeta-Jones might be inspired to come up with a fantastic present for her husband this year by this confession she makes on camera. Perhaps that Bugsy Malone vehicle requires a couple of companions. World News Spot


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