Jayson Tatum has since talked about how that show affected him, how he had trouble leaving his house for a few days after it ended, and how, in the end, he saw it as a learning opportunity. He said then that he thought he knew that the playoffs were hard, but now he really knew.

However, when Boston and Golden State met for the first time this season on December 10, it appeared as though the finals were still fresh in their minds. Tatum claimed that in hindsight, the Celtics were overly exuberant and eager for retribution: The Celtics lost by 16 points as Tatum struggled.

He stated, “Everyone wanted to win so badly.”

The Celtics attempted to maintain a more balanced perspective prior to Thursday’s game.

Jayson Tatum stated that the main point of their conversations this week was that one game would not undo the events of the previous season.

He stated, “The fact of the matter is that we lost the championship.” That can’t be changed by going back in time. Because of this, we did not view this as a rematch of the finals. It’s just one game against a superb team, players, and coach. However, it is only one game.

As if he were trying to convince himself that it was true, Jayson Tatum kept saying that phrase, “it was just one game.” On Thursday, some of his actions suggested otherwise. Consider: He had 48 minutes to play. Mazzulla claimed that Tatum and he had a brief discussion about whether or not to keep him in the game early in the fourth quarter.

Mazzulla stated, “I looked at him, he looked at me, we kind of said, ‘Yeah,’ and that was it.”

Some of Tatum’s errors may have been caused by fatigue. He only made 9 of 27 field goal attempts, but he made up for it by scoring 34 points, grabbing 19 rebounds, and dishing out 6 assists, which would have impressed other players.

However, Jayson Tatum now has higher standards and greater objectives. Another indication of growth for a young group that is still making progress is the fact that his teammates supported him on Thursday. Yes, there was just one game. However, even Tatum recognized a deeper meaning.

He stated, “Just trying to put the past behind us.”

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