Chhavi Mittal

“Why is it looked down upon by almost everyone to leave a party early, go to the gym every morning, and stick to healthy treats?” Chhavi asked Chhavi Mittal is a fitness enthusiast who is commendable for her unwavering commitment to her workouts. The actor, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of this year, never skips her workouts and frequently provides others with motivational messages.

As a result, the fitness enthusiast took to Instagram to thank everyone who works out during the holidays: “There are a lot of parties and socializing happening for everyone these days. “And why not?” she asked at the outset.

She said that “drinking, smoking, eating junk, and staying up late is so acceptable” during the festival season. Chhavi Mittal, on the other hand, was perplexed as to why “leaving early from a party, going to the gym every morning, and sticking to healthy treats looked down upon by almost everyone” was the case.

Subsequently, uplifting everybody to remain fit and sound this happy season, the entertainer expressed, “So here’s a major holler to every individual who’s partaking in the celebration while taking care of their wellbeing, and furthermore permitting others to do likewise.”

“There is no point in cribbing, pitying yourself, expecting from people around, or waiting for things to turn out the way you want,” the actor wrote in a previous motivational note. You must stand up, take responsibility, and get what you want for yourself. If you don’t get cancer, you won’t ever experience true happiness. because your mental state will only be determined by external factors. World News Entertainment


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