Pre Roll Display Boxes: An Overview 

Pre Roll Display Boxes: An Overview 

Pre roll display boxes are an essential component of the packaging industry, designed specifically to enhance presentation and protection of pre-rolled cannabis joints or cigarettes. Not only are these custom display boxes used as storage solutions but they can also serve as marketing tools for brands looking to break into the competitive cannabis market.

Pre-Roll Display Boxes’

Contribution packaging is of utmost importance in an industry as fiercely competitive as cannabis, drawing customers and assuring product safety. Pre roll display boxes play an instrumental role in this evolution and serve multiple functions; from customer attraction and safety assurance, to providing product information. They serve various functions:


Pre rolls can easily be damaged. Custom Display boxes offer the ideal way to safeguard these delicate products against physical damage, moisture intrusion and UV light rays while simultaneously preserving its quality and value.

Branding and Visibility

Display boxes offer companies an ideal canvas to promote their brands by printing logos, slogans, product information or any other imagery directly onto them – making their brand instantly recognisable on shelves.

Consumer Engagement

Inviting and striking display boxes draw customers in, drawing their interest and encouraging further investigation of your product.


Many regions impose stringent regulations regarding cannabis packaging. Pre roll display boxes can be designed to comply with these regulatory standards and guarantee legality of legal compliance.

Folding Cartons

Folding carton pre roll display boxes are widely favored due to their convenience, ease of assembly, cost effectiveness and ample branding opportunities.

Slider Boxes

Wrought Iron Boxes offer an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Their designs allow them to open easily, revealing pre-rolls stored within. This adds an air of sophistication to their packaging.

Pop-Up Display Boxes

Pop-up display boxes provide easy access to pre-rolls. Simply open up the box, and your pre-rolls pop out immediately for customers.

Custom Shapes and Sizes

To stand out in an increasingly competitive market, many brands opt for customized display boxes with eye-catching shapes that catch the eye and make an impressionful first impression. This approach will not only attract customers to your products or services but will leave an enduring impression with potential clients as well.

Eco-Friendly Options

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, eco-friendly pre roll display boxes have grown increasingly popular among brands looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Businesses are opting for recyclable, biodegradable or compostable materials in order to minimize their ecological impact.

Let’s delve deeper into the world of Pre Roll Display Boxes.

Design and Customization

Pre roll display boxes can play an essential part in building or damaging a brand’s image, with customisation options nearly limitless allowing brands to tailor packaging that reflects their identity. Some key design considerations to keep in mind include:

  1. Graphics and Colors Stunning graphics and vibrant hues can attract immediate attention to display boxes. Brands can use these elements to convey their message while making an unforgettable visual statement.
  2. Finishes and Textures
    Selecting the perfect finish and texture can add visual interest to a package’s overall design, such as matte, gloss, embossing or spot UV finishes that add a premium feel.
  3. Window Displays
    Some pre roll displays offer transparent windows to showcase their prerolls to customers before making their purchase, adding an element of transparency and trustworthiness for customers.

Marketing and Branding
Display boxes can be powerful tools for brand building. Companies can utilize them to increase recognition and loyalty among consumers – here’s how:

1. Logo Placement

Placing the logo prominently on the box helps reinforce brand identity. It’s often the first thing customers notice.

2. Informational Panels

Information about the product, its strain, THC/CBD content, and usage instructions can be displayed on the packaging. This educates customers and builds trust.


Pre roll display boxes are essential tools in cannabis packaging, helping companies distinguish themselves, protect products, engage consumers and generate brand recognition. There is an array of styles available so businesses can choose one that best meets their product and marketing strategy needs. As the cannabis industry develops further, innovative eco-friendly box designs may become even more prevalent.

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