Davos, Switzerland, may be associated with the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering of world leaders, but it is primarily a mecca for winter sports.

This modern town in the Swiss state of Graubünden, Europe’s highest city at 5,120 feet above sea level, has a lot to offer tourists, from cultural activities to outdoor excursions.

The cost is not the only consideration.

This includes the closure of cultural institutions like the Kirchner Museum, which houses a large collection of works by the German Expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, who lived in Davos for his last two decades.

Davos and its sanitariums have historically been a magnet for people seeking healing, but visitors can still enjoy outdoor time in pure mountain air. In addition, it is still possible to get a sense of what the town has to offer other than politics and business, despite the roadblocks and closed doors.

Davos lacks the idyllic Alpine village atmosphere of its neighboring towns.

A free Davos Klosters Premium Card is available to those who spend at least one night in a hotel or vacation rental and are eligible for discounts on outdoor activities, museum admission, regional railways, and free local public transportation.

The pursuit of high-quality powder is well-served here, both for those who are just starting out in skiing or snowboarding and those who have more experience. The largest of the five mountain ranges, Parsenn, is home to nearly 167 miles of slopes and 80 distinct downhill runs.

The resort connects Davos and Klosters, which is on the other side of the mountain.

Following a difficult day on the inclines,

It merits looking at Iglu-Dorf, an igloo resort with a lodging and eatery set underneath the Weissfluhjoch station on the Parsenn mountain, almost 8,600 feet above ocean level. The snow bar serves Swiss fondue lunches, and guests can stay the night in rooms designed by ice artists.

A more traditional après-ski experience is available at the Parsenn Gada Club, which is across from the Parsenn cable car. It features a wooden chalet atmosphere and a more extensive snack menu.

Throughout the winter, Destination Davos Klosters offers guided ski touring courses, day and night snowshoe outings, and children’s ski cross workshops led by professional Swiss freestyle skier Armin Niederer for those looking for more structured activities. You can download a comprehensive guide with schedules and prices.

Another family-friendly option is ice skating at Davos World of Ice,

Switzerland’s largest mobile and artificial ice rink, which will be open throughout the conference.

In addition, there are nearly 69 miles of easy-to-moderate winter trails in Davos and another 28 miles in Klosters for hikers to choose from, providing them with the opportunity to participate in one of the few free activities in the town.

Mr. de Weck said in a telephone interview, “Hockey Club Davos is really central to the identity of the town,” adding that it is the largest club in the area and draws fans from other Swiss regions.

He advised, “If you can, get tickets to a game.

” It’s fun, and you’ll get a real feel for the locals. After the conference, on January 22, home games resume.

Strela Alp is a mountain restaurant with panoramic views that offers Rösti, a Swiss potato dish, soups, and toasted sandwiches to hikers who continue their ascent. Or, as the founder of the online magazine Newly Swissed, Dimitri Burkhard suggested in an email, they could stay at the Hotel Schatzalp for a drink in “the cheeky X-ray bar,” which was once the X-ray room of the sanitarium. After that, guests have the option of walking, taking a cable car, or taking a free toboggan through fairytale-like forests to get back to the center of Davos.

By train, you can also get postcard views without having to work hard.

The experience, despite its name, is anything but express: The luxurious narrow-gauge train with meal service travels over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels at an average speed of 24 miles per hour. In the end, it’s just the right pace for taking in sights like Switzerland’s Grand Canyon, the Rhine Gorge.

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