Understanding Delta Name Change Policy: What You Need to Know

Have you recently taken a Delta flight and discovered you misspelled your name? The passenger’s name on a Delta ticket must match the name on their valid photo ID. Delta prioritizes its clients above all else and makes sure that every single one of you is taken into consideration. It is one of the biggest and most established air carriers in the United States. 

If the name errors worry you, familiarizing yourself with Delta name change policy is crucial. It will provide a comprehensive guide on the necessary actions to rectify the situation. 

The Delta Name Change Policy: What Is It?

  • The Delta Airlines name change policy states that you cannot alter your entire name.
  • Your name can only be slightly altered, with a maximum of 2 to 3 characters changing.
  • Complete name changes are only allowed for fiba hub officially recognized events, such as marriage or divorce.
  • The date of birth is modifiable because inaccuracies or small mistakes can occasionally occur when entering the information.
  • During your flight, you are only permitted to make modifications once.
  • No further adjustments, including dates or stations, are possible when booking a flight.
  • You cannot transfer your ticket to another person’s name with Delta.
  • You have to complete the required documentation for the name change.

Policy to Correct Names on Delta Ticket

There is an entirely distinct protocol in place if you need corrections made in your name. You can review the policies listed below if you need further information on them:

  • Delta should operate the flight you want to have corrected.
  • Name changes are only available on evlwendz Delta Airlines’ official website.
  • Only two to three characters can be changed at a time.
  • For the adjustment, there will be a name change cost that you must pay.

Need Further Information? Contact Delta Airline Customer Support Service. 

I hope the above available information is helpful for you. All the Delta name change policy or correction policies will help you modify your name mistake. For further information or queries, contact (1800 123 6645). If you cannot connect with airlines, dial +1-800-865-1848 third-party agent for a quick solution. They are always available for passengers’ queries 24/7.