Devil May Cry: 9 Most Iconic Quotes

It makes sense that the Devil May Cry games are also known for their famous lines, since the characters are always so interesting.

There are a lot of funny and interesting characters in the Devil May Cry series. They love to say cheesy one-liners, even when they’re in the middle of killing a bunch of hungry demons. But some of their lines have become famous for some reason.

It’s usually Dante, who always looks great, who says these quick things, but Nero, Lady, or Trish will also say something from time to time. One of the fun things about Devil May Cry games is how well they mix intense combat, a pretty serious story, and a lighthearted tone from the characters. Hearing them make fun of the demon they’re about to face is a great way to get them ready.

On the other hand, there are some lines that really capture the story and the personal journey each character goes on over the course of the five main games. Either way, players will remember them long after they beat the final boss.

“Yeah, Let’s Go All The Way To Hell”

"Yeah, Let's Go All The Way To Hell"

A lot of people thought Devil May Cry 2 wasn’t nearly as good as its groundbreaking predecessor. This version of Dante was a lot moodier and less interesting than he would be in later games. But he did have a few quotes that showed the cocky demon slayer was still inside him somewhere.

After beating the game’s final boss, Argosax the Chaos, Dante gets on his motorcycle and says he’s going to drive right into “Hell.” He then disappears into a layer of red mist. As if he were looking for a new Demon King to kill. At the time, a lot of fans thought that this was meant to be the official ending of the series. However, since Devil May Cry 5, that idea has been shot down.

“That B*tch Slap Nearly Killed Me”

"That B*tch Slap Nearly Killed Me"

When Nero finally finds Dante and Vergil at the end of Devil May Cry 5. The two brothers are already slashing at each other to start a final fight to the death. When Nero steps in as his brand-new Devil Trigger form. He gives Dante a quick backhand while Dante tries to tell him to stop.

Nero starts to say that he won’t let this sibling rivalry end with the two brothers killing each other. Dante is shocked and jokes that Nero’s slap almost killed him already to break the ice in what would otherwise be a very dramatic and intense moment between the three of them.

“Flock Off Feather Face”

"Flock Off Feather Face"

While playing the first Devil May Cry, it was clear that Capcom wasn’t quite sure what kind of character Dante would be. As a result, he doesn’t say as many one-liners as he does in Devil May Cry 3 and later. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any memorable lines from the game.

“Flock off feather face” is what Dante tells the scary Griffon boss when he asks him if he really is the son of Sparda. This is one of the most famous lines in the whole game. Unfortunately, Dante doesn’t say this famous quote again when he fights V’s Griffon in Devil May Cry 5. However, this clever quote is still a fan favorite even after all these years.

“Mary Died A Long Time Ago, My Name Is Lady”

"Mary Died A Long Time Ago, My Name Is Lady"

Dante is always being chased by a mystery female gunfighter in Devil May Cry 3, who he jokes about calling “Lady” for most of the game. At first, they don’t agree and constantly pick fights and make fun of each other. But in the end, they learn they want the same thing and decide to work together to kill Arkham, Vergil and Lady’s monster father.

Arkham crawls to his daughter after being beaten and begs her to spare him. As she prepares to pull the trigger on a gun pointed at his head. She says, “Mary died a long time ago.” She changes her name to “Lady,” the name Dante gave her, and gives up her horrible past in the process.

“You Know, In A Dog Show You’d Definitely Take First Place”

"You Know, In A Dog Show You'd Definitely Take First Place"

Even when Dante is face to face with a huge three-headed dog monster like the Cerberus in Devil May Cry 3. He can still use a few wise words to anger his enemy. He even manages to get the boss angry before the fight even starts.

Cerberus takes the situation very seriously and tells Dante that he isn’t even close to as strong as the demon dog. Dante, on the other hand, turns a compliment into an insult by saying that Cerberus would win “first place” at a dog show. This is a silly line that only Dante could make sound cool.

“I Should Have Been The One To Fill Your Dark Soul With Light”

"I Should Have Been The One To Fill Your Dark Soul With Light"

There aren’t many times when Dante says something wrong. Each comment and quote serves a purpose, either by showing who he is as a character or by making an enemy demon scared. But near the end of the first game, Dante makes a scream plea that is both hilarious and heartbreaking.

As Trish risks her life to save Dante, Dante says something very poetic about how he thought he should have been the one to save Trish from her situation. Fans will remember this line because of the voice break and the fact that it is the first time they see Dante show real emotion for someone else.

“Dead Weight”

"Dead Weight"

In Devil May Cry 5, the word “dead weight” is used a lot. This phrase helps Nero grow as a character; by the end of Drift Boss, he goes from being a naive demon slayer to the voice of reason.

Fans hear this for the first time at the start of the game. When Dante calls Nero “dead weight” to mean that he’s just dragging him down. But every time Nero sees Dante after that, he says that Dante is much more than a burden, and eventually Nero can use the phrase on Dante himself, which shows how far Nero has come.

“Let’s Rock, Baby!”

"Let's Rock, Baby!"

If you’ve played the DMC games before, you’ll never forget the first time you saw the title screen and heard Dante say, “Let’s rock, baby.” It was a great way to let players know what the game was like and set the fun tone that the developers were going for. It was even used in later games, like Devil May Cry 3, in the opening video.

As a sharp-tongued, quick-witted outlaw who liked fighting demons instead of being scared of them. This quote perfectly captures Dante’s personality. It has become one of the most remembered lines in the whole series.



There is a line called “Jackpot” that appears in all Devil May Cry games and even the anime series. It was first used by Dante when he told Trish that he would finally reach the jackpot. Which was Mundus, after killing enough demons.

However, the term has a deeper meaning. Because it is a word that both Dante and Vergil liked to use as kids. This quote has become so connected to the series that it’s even the last line of Devil May Cry 5. It’s a beautiful way to talk about the family bond that forms the core of the series.

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