As Christmas approaches, the ex-pat and neighborhood local area in Dubai meets up to praise special times of the year.

The celebrations are a feast for the senses, with everything from Welcome Santa Claus to tree light displays.

The hotel event that brings all of those people together to celebrate is very important to us. especially when it comes to holidays like Christmas when a lot of people are away from their families. Events like the Christmas Tree Lighting give our neighbors, visitors, and guests a taste of what they might normally experience at home.

The Nutcracker and Elf the Musical, which has a cast from London’s West End, has arrived in Dubai with a slew of pantomimes and other jaw-dropping performances. According to Olivier Award-winning producer Paul Taylor-Mills, “When you’re bringing a show from a film to the stage there are differences and it’s able to be more vivid,” it is based on the movie and brought to life on stage. There is no break because it is one act. Straight through. Additionally, the film lacks the incredible dance sequences, costumes, and all-star West End cast in Dubai, most of whom are appearing for the first time. Welcome Santa Claus Clare Turnbull, Principal of Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai, says that this is a time to “have some fun” and bring the community together.

“We’ve got Christmas decorations everywhere,” she continues.

In addition, we are stating that this is Winter Wonderland with extreme caution. 100% inclusive. However, we are also ensuring that our ex-pat families, for whom Christmas is so significant, can observe the holiday within the school community.

A tradition of the Dubai Christmas season, Winter Wonderland at Ski Dubai is a must-see for anyone hoping for a white Christmas in the desert.

Expo 2020, the most recent addition to Dubai’s Christmas scene, has transformed the venue into a magical winter wonderland. Publish By World News Spot


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