Dubai world’s smartest city leveraging its position as a technology-driven

Euronews was informed by Khalifa Al Qama, Director of the world’s smartest cities future Labs at Dubai Future Foundation: 

“We’ve been on this journey for the last 20 years, where robots are enabling digital services to provide additional levels of comfort to the citizens of the city… Because of that layer of infrastructure, now we can start benefiting from having robots exist within our societies to provide us with services.” This journey has been going on for the past 20 years.

Impact on the industry One important area in which robotics is providing crucial assistance in healthcare.

According to Dr. Yaser, the technology makes it possible for surgeons to carry out intricate procedures with greater precision and minimally invasiveness thanks to the use of robotic arms.

He told Euronews, “Laparoscopic surgery has evolved now with robotic surgery.” Because laparoscopic surgery naturally evolved into robotic surgery, and the majority of surgeons are gradually shifting toward robotic surgery, outcomes are significantly superior to those of traditional surgery, including reduced blood loss and faster recovery.

DG World, a robotics, industrial automation, and advanced mobility solutions provider, has been taking advantage of the industrial sector’s shift toward autonomous systems. The autonomous robotic dog from Boston Dynamics performs inspection tasks, such as searching high-risk areas and crime scenes for data.

“There has been a significant increase in interest in robotics, especially in the Boston Dynamics robotic dog,” stated Matthias Krause, General Manager of DG World. Nuclear authorities have investigated use cases. We have seen the police examining greatly, investigating how they can involve it for or for common various undertakings, for crime location checking, and a lot of different purposes and thoughts. We talked to Dubai’s world’s smartest cities Customs here, and they looked into advanced and repetitive area monitoring. As a result, there were a lot of applications of this kind, most of which came from customers.

Arious Holding’s A Conscious City Singularious takes artificial intelligence and robotics to a new level, moving beyond a smart city.

Singularious’ Board Chairman and Eltizam’s Group CEO, Chris Roberts, explained: For the future, we want to design and construct new cities. A conscious city in which artificial intelligence enables the city to think for itself. When it comes to how we actually maintain and manage cities in the future, this is something that will have a significant impact on lifestyles.

Famous scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNet and Chief Scientist at Singularious, is also working on the Singularious Conscious City master plan. He helped develop the social humanoid robots Sofia, the Desdemona music robot, and Grace, the healthcare robot.

He started to Euronews, “What you really have in the majority of smart cities is a sort of disparate collection of intelligent devices doing particular things.” They do not form a cohesive cognitive system. What’s more, that is actually the objective with the cognizant city, [it’s] city level knowledge in the assistance of the people living in the city.”

In the next three to four years, Dr. Goertzel anticipates that AGI and the future will also make the transition from the research lab to widespread deployment with the same capabilities as humans.

“I believe that having humanoid robots share our everyday environments gives us a very natural way to interact with the overall AI systems in our environment behind the scenes. In the future, I believe that will be a much more natural way to interact with our environments than, say, typing into a phone, speaking into a phone, or using something like Alexa. Publish By World News Spot Live


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