Everything You Have to Know About the June Birthstones and Our Jewelry

You’re obsessed with gemstones and can’t get enough sparkle in your life. As a June baby, you’ve always wondered about your official birthstones and the meaning behind them. Well, wonder no more. This blog will give you the full scoop on the three birthstones of June – pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Learn all about their colorful history, healing properties, and how they can add a magical touch to your jewelry collection. Our handcrafted birthstone jewelry featuring these enchanting gems will have you celebrating your June birthday in serious style. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or treating yourself, read on to discover everything you need to know about the dazzling June birthstone.

June’s Official Birthstones: The Fiery Pearls of Alexandrite and Moonstone

If you’re born in the month of June, you’re lucky enough to have two gorgeous gemstones as your birthstones: alexandrite and moonstone.

Alexandrite is a rare and valuable stone that displays a color change from green in daylight to red in incandescent light. This chameleon-like quality makes alexandrite a highly prized stone. Alexandrite jewelry, like rings or pendants featuring this gem, makes stunning and unique gifts for June babies.

Moonstone is a milky, iridescent stone that shimmers with a silver-blue glow. Believed to impart calmness and balance, moonstone jewelry is perfect for the sentimental or spiritual June gal. Moonstone earrings, bracelets or necklaces allow you to surround yourself with the peaceful radiance of this magical stone.

A perfect match for the start of summer, both alexandrite and moonstone symbolize joy, youth, and new beginnings. Treat yourself or a loved one born in June to jewelry showcasing one or both of these beautiful birthstones. Their alluring colors and meanings are sure to make june birthstone jewelry a cherished favorite for years to come.

The Healing Properties and Meanings Behind the June Birthstones

The Pearl

Cultured or natural, pearls are organic gemstones that are thought to provide inner calm and balance. They represent purity, innocence and faith. For centuries, people have employed pearls in folk medicine to address heart, stomach, spleen issues, and to accelerate wound healing.

The Alexandrite

The rare alexandrite is a color-changing variety of chrysoberyl that shifts from green in daylight to red in incandescent light. This unique ability is said to bring good luck and fortune. Alexandrite is also believed to boost creativity, focus and confidence. Some believe it can help balance the nervous system and reawaken pleasure in life.

With their stunning beauty and powerful symbolism, the June birthstones make perfect gifts. At our shop, we offer high-quality cultured pearls and simulated alexandrite in a variety of styles from classic to modern. Surprise the June birthday girl in your life with a meaningful piece of pearl or alexandrite jewelry. She’ll surely appreciate such a thoughtful gift celebrating her birth month.

These meaningful gemstones of june can bring their healing energy, beauty and symbolism to anyone. Treat yourself or give the gift of radiant well-being with natural pearl and color-changing alexandrite jewelry.

Shop Our Alexandrite and Moonstone June Birthstone Jewelry

June babies, we have the june birthstone jewelry for you. As the birthstone for June, alexandrite and moonstone represent purity, balance and calmness.

Shop Our Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite is a rare gemstone that exhibits a color change from green in daylight to red in incandescent light. Our alexandrite earrings and necklaces are set in 14K white or rose gold and feature oval or pear-shaped gemstones weighing 1 to 3 carats. The mysterious color-changing effect of alexandrite makes it a unique choice for anyone born in June.

Moonstone Jewelry

Its enchanting light-scattering, adularescent sheen, reminiscent of moonlight glimmering on water, is what makes moonstone renowned. We offer stylish moonstone rings, bracelets and necklaces featuring rainbow moonstone, which displays vibrant blue, green and yellow tones. Our artisan designs combine faceted moonstones with 14K gold and gem accents like citrine and peridot for one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

For the June baby who prefers more understated jewelry, we also have simple yet elegant birthstone stud earrings and pendants featuring a single cabochon alexandrite or rainbow moonstone gemstone set in gold. Any of these lovely options would make a treasured birthday gift for the sensitive, emotional and imaginative person born in June.

Browse our collection of handcrafted alexandrite and moonstone jewelry online or visit us in-store. We can also do custom designs if you have something specific in mind to celebrate this meaningful month of birth. Treat yourself or give the gift of natural beauty with a stylish and symbolic birthstone piece from our shop. The lucky June baby will cherish it for years to come!


Whether you’re shopping for a loved one born in June or just appreciate the beauty of natural gemstones, you can’t go wrong with moonstone, pearl or alexandrite. With our high-quality yet affordable jewelry featuring these June birthstones, you’ll have a cherished gift or keepsake to enjoy for years to come. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with a memorable and meaningful gift featuring their birthstone. After all, with summer just around the corner, June and its birthstones are a perfect time to celebrate life’s moments and the simple joys of the warmer months ahead.

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