Father: A Child’s Kamil Wali (Aulad ka Kamil Wali)


In the realm of Islam, the role of a father in shaping the life of a child is of paramount importance. The concept of “Kamil Wali” refers to a person who fulfills their responsibilities completely and provides guidance, support, and love. Molana Muhammad Kamran, a revered Islamic scholar, has made significant contributions to the understanding and realization of the concept of a father as a child’s Kamil Wali (Aulad ka Kamil Wali). Through his profound knowledge and compassionate teachings, he sheds light on the critical role fathers play in their children’s upbringing and spiritual development.

Understanding Aulad ka Kamil Wali:

The term “Aulad ka Kamil Wali” encompasses the idea of a father who embodies complete excellence in fulfilling his duties towards his children. It goes beyond mere provision of material needs and delves into nurturing their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. Molana Muhammad Kamran has dedicated his efforts to emphasize the importance of this role and guide fathers towards becoming true Kamil Walis for their children.

Molana Muhammad Kamran’s Teachings:

  1. Nurturing a Loving and Supportive Environment: Molana Muhammad Kamran emphasizes the significance of creating an environment of love, compassion, and support within the family. He encourages fathers to foster strong emotional bonds with their children by spending quality time, actively listening to their concerns, and providing unwavering emotional support. This creates a sense of security and stability that is crucial for a child’s overall development.
  2. Leading by Example: As a child’s first role model, a father’s behavior and actions leave a lasting impact. Molana Muhammad Kamran stresses the importance of fathers embodying the values and principles they wish to instill in their children. By practicing Islamic teachings in their own lives, fathers become a source of inspiration and guidance, enabling their children to grow on the path of righteousness.
  3. Providing Islamic Education: Molana Muhammad Kamran recognizes the significance of imparting Islamic knowledge to children from an early age. He advises fathers to actively engage in teaching their children about the Qur’an, the Prophetic traditions, and Islamic morals and values. By providing religious education and instilling a deep understanding of Islam, fathers play a vital role in nurturing the spiritual growth of their children.
  4. Encouraging Emotional Intelligence and Character Development: In addition to imparting religious teachings, Molana Muhammad Kamran emphasizes the development of emotional intelligence and character traits in children. Fathers are encouraged to teach empathy, kindness, patience, and forgiveness to help their children develop strong moral characters. This fosters a sense of responsibility, accountability, and empathy, making them better individuals in society.
  5. Praying for and with the Children: Molana Muhammad Kamran stresses the importance of fathers consistently praying for their children’s well-being and success. By including children in congregational prayers and teaching them the significance of supplication, fathers nurture a deep connection between their children and Allah. This connection becomes a source of strength and guidance throughout their lives.


Molana Muhammad Kamran’s contributions to the topic of “Father: A Child’s Kamil Wali” are invaluable. His teachings emphasize the critical role fathers play in shaping their children’s lives, both in this world and the hereafter. By embracing the concept of Aulad ka Kamil Wali, fathers can create an environment of love, support, and guidance, fostering the holistic development of their children. Molana Muhammad Kamran’s wisdom serves as a guiding light for fathers, encouraging them to fulfill their responsibilities with excellence and become the embodiment of a child’s Kamil Wali.

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