Players of Wordle looking for tips for the December 28, 2022 puzzle might want to check this guide for clues.

Five-syllable Even though most of Wordle’s daily word challenges can be solved, it can be quite surprising when a puzzle surprises players and leaves them with no idea how to proceed. This is the case with Wordle, which was released on December 28, 2022. The word today isn’t something that a player might immediately associate with a term they use in conversations.

However, just because a word is new to you doesn’t mean you can’t figure out what it means. In point of fact, players may just require fresh approaches to the process of solving the puzzle, such as locating useful hints and clues that may speed up the process. The question is, what are the most helpful hints players can pick up for today’s puzzle, and how might this affect how they solve it?


What It Means

Five-syllable Meanings that are related to a term chosen by a word game like Wordle can make solving the puzzle much easier, especially if players know how to use the information they are given to find additional clues. The puzzle may be made simpler to solve with context clues that are derived from their meaning. The most common use of this word is to push someone to do something. This word also means to move something forward or propel it forward. The word comes from either a Latin word that means “driving toward” or a Middle English word that means “propel.”

Technical Clues

Using technical components, those attempting today’s Wordle puzzle can solve it much more quickly. Having these as references could help users avoid wasting time by pointing them in the right direction. Think about using one of these technical clues:

Suggestions For Starting Words

Players may have an easier time figuring out the answer to the December 28 puzzle if additional clues, such as the beginning of Wordle terms, are provided. The following are some suggested starting words for this Wordle puzzle:

5-Letter Words Starting With IM

Finding words that are similar to the answer can sometimes be the most effective method for solving a Wordle puzzle. The first letter of the puzzle for today is IM-, and there are currently 23 five-letter words that match this pattern. Some of those words, along with the answer to the puzzle, are as follows:


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