Use of Gomed Stone for Rahu Effects in Astrology

Use of Gomed Stone for Rahu Effects in Astrology

The Gomed stone is a powerful stone in astrology with powers to remove the negative effects of Rahu. This honey-colored gemstone which is popularly known as Hessonite all over the world is most often used to make jewelry. Although people among many cultures believe in the power of astrology and gemstones. The link between the gemstones with astrological planets makes them valuable

In Vedic astrology, the Gomed Ratna has its association with the Rahu planet, which is purely an astrological planet. There is no scientific existence on this planet. But in astrology, this planet is one with a very high influence on your birth chart. If this planet is in a position that is negative, then it will cause many troubles in your life.

In this article, we will know about the effects of Rahu gemstone in Your kundli and how you can remove the Rahu Dosh by wearing the hessonite.

Effect of Rahu in Your Life 

If the Rahu planet in your chart is in a positive position then wearing a Gomed will increase all the benefits that the Rahu gives a person. It will keep all the negative energies away as well as keep troubles away from you.

But if the Rahu is in a negative position, it will bring you troubles. It will cause problems in every positive event of your life. It can also harm you. You might get into an accident or your health can deteriorate. You can get distant from your family and have conflicts with them. Also, it can make your mental health very unstable. You can often get confused about what is real and what you are imagining.

Remedy for Rahu’s Dosh 

To remove the harmful effects of the Rahu from Kundli, you have to wear an original Gomed gemstone. The gemstone will attract all the positive energies from the universe to make a shield around you and will protect you from all the harm. It will remove the malefic effects of the Rahu from your natal chart and will bring you all the positivity.

The stone will not only keep you protected from harmful external forces but also your inner conflicts. It will remove your self-doubts, helping you be more confident and calm.

Astrologers suggest that wearing a gemstone after cleansing and energizing it will activate the energies of the gemstone. It will let the stone link with the universe and cosmic energies. So you should follow the proper ritual to activate the stone’s energy and then wear it.

Vedic Pooja to Wear Gomed Ratna

To wear the stone you should first cleanse it or purify it. To do that, the stone should be kept in Gangajal or Panchamrit for a few minutes like 10 to 15 minutes.

You should wear a natural Gomed stone as a ring, bracelet, or pendant. The best metal to wear this stone in is silver. And if you are wearing a hessonite ring, you can wear it in the middle finger of the right hand.

You should wear this stone on a Saturday between the time of early morning hours like 05:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m. Take a proper bath and wear fresh clothes, then sit in a worshipping position in your temple and chant the mantra of the Gomed stone 108 times. While you are chanting the mantra for the last time, take your stone, wipe it clean, and wear it.

Mantra of the Gomed Gemstone

“ Om Rang Rahave Namaha ”

“ॐ रां राहवे नमः”

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The Hessonite gemstone is a stone of power, it is one of the navratans, and so it has high value. This gemstone is beautiful in color and look, and its astrological importance is high as well. This stone is mainly worn when someone has a negative effect of the Planet Rahu in their birth chart. It removes all the negative energies of the Rahu and brings you positivity.

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