Guide To Avoid Common Pitfalls in 2024 Personal Statements

Guide To Avoid Common Pitfalls in 2024 Personal Statements

If you are looking for guidance in writing a professional personal statement then we are here to help you out.

In this blog, we have highlighted some common pitfalls that students make while developing personal statements.

The technique to write them efficiently is to focus on certain mistakes and avoid them while drafting your statements.

We promise that, by the end of this blog, you will develop a thorough understanding of certain blunders and will be able to write a well-thought-out statement.

So, get ready and begin the exploration of the pitfalls!

Stay Away From 9 Issues and Craft Perfect Personal Statements

Problem 1: Building a Story

Though it is a good technique for content marketing but should be avoided when writing personal statements. Story building is necessary when you have to make up the minds of consumers but for personal statements, it’s a no. Here, the purpose of your writing is to get enrolled in a certain course, university or educational institute.

Therefore, avoid building a story and if it is difficult for you then you could avail of UCAS personal statement writing service or other online service providers to assist you with your statement.

Problem 2: Repetition of Details

One of the common blunders students make is that they repeat the details. Just think for a moment about the information which you have mentioned in your statement is present elsewhere in your admission application, is it a good idea to write it again? 

You have 5000 characters limit and you waste it portraying repetitive details. The point is, what new you will highlight about yourself and where you will mention that? So, it’s better to write things that are not present anywhere in the application.

Problem 3: Giving More Space to Personal Issues

It’s quite an awkward mistake to point out, what students do is – give more space and bring into focus personal issues such as talking about health and bereavement. Though it is relevant as it can affect the studies, however, mentioning them in your reference is a better idea.

Also, if you want to give them space, then it is viable to allot them little space. For instance, two to three sentences are more than sufficient to highlight such issues. Otherwise, keep your statement crisp and to the point. 

Problem 4: Presence of Grammatical Errors

The presence of grammatical errors leaves a very bad impression on the admission officers. Students are so involved in penning down the information that they forget to check the grammatical issues.

Hence, it is a suggestion to read your statement aloud and check the flow of it. Also, you can ask a language expert or someone who has experience writing PS (Personal Statements) to help you review the errors. Further, it is recommended to always proofread your writing before submitting it officially.

Problem 5: Fail To Showcase Your Capabilities

If you fail to showcase your capabilities then there is no use in writing a personal statement. This is the most significant aspect and facilitates you in getting enrolment into the university you have always dreamed of.

Just remember that you have to relate your experience with your potential. For instance, you could discuss how reading a book leads you to write and further help you in editing the stuff. This will increase your chances of selection for a particular language field that you want to get admitted to.

Problem 6: Usage of Clichés

The usage of clichés is not a good practice to impress admission officers. Students who mention quotes and use phrases like; ‘My passion for studying literature began when…’ or ‘I have always been interested in geography when I was small’ etc. get simply rejected at first glance because the professionals there want you to write seamlessly and get your message across in simple words.

The tip here is, to be creative with your sentences as well as with the vocabulary you are using.  Also, do not go off the topic and check the vocabulary context before incorporating them in your statements.

Problem 7: Overloaded With Experience

We feel fulfilled when we embed all the experience which we have gained so far. This is the issue which you have to pay attention to. The statements which are overloaded with experience give admission officers an impression that you are more than efficient and exaggerating things.

Your statement should not give this impression, that’s why only put relevant and the most credible experience in your statement. This will leave a professional impact on your admission officers and give them an idea that you are interested in enhancing your skillset and knowledge.

Problem 8: Not Depicting the Sense of Personal Statement

The basic purpose of writing personal statements is to tell, why you want to study a specific course or what potential you possess to finish the degree with flying colours. Therefore, to establish the connection concerning this is necessary while mentioning any information. This will depict the actual sense of personal statement otherwise not. 

So, make sure you relate well. However, if you are doubtful of your skills and do not want to take risks then you might avail of personal statement help London or other online service providers to assist you with writing proficient personal statements.

Problem 9: Copy Pasting Touch

Never copy paste admission essays. This straightaway becomes the reason for your application rejection. There are multiple software available that help admission officers analyze whether the statement is plagiarized or not. Also, if you take the assistance of an AI tool, then there are also detectors to catch the trick.

Hence, the great strategy is to write yourself either or avail of any online statement writing service. At least, by availing of such a service, you have surety of getting the best final product.  Further, they give you a guarantee that experts will be handling your task and provide you with reports of plagiarism as well as data for not taking the help of AI tools.

How to divide personal statements into three parts?

You can divide personal statements first by introducing yourself creatively, then in the middle share your positive attributes, experience and skillset, and lastly mention why you are capable of opting for a particular course.

What three biggest blunders to avoid when writing personal statements?

The three biggest blunders to avoid while writing your statements are; avoiding using clichés, not overloading your PS with experience and not copy paste.

Is it a good idea to begin a personal statement by building a story?    

No, it is not considered a good practice because personal statements are crisp and to the point. In this, you do not have to show your creative writing skills. You are supposed to remain straightforward while showing your capabilities. Therefore, develop your PS accordingly.

Is there any general rule for personal statements to follow?

Generally, the personal statement should be submitted in a two to three-pager. It must be double-spaced with one-inch margins in twelve-point size. The recommended font style is Times New Roman. Further, it should depict the essence of a personal statement rather than any other writing form.

Does a personal statement contain citations or not?

It is not a viable practice, so don’t use citations. However, if you still want to give credit to the person, then paraphrase and mention the name only. Also, do not include full citation information in your statements. Further, avoid adding footnotes as well.

Wrap Up!

Well, wrapping it up! These were the common pitfalls that students make while writing personal statements. Hope this blog has enlightened you and you will not fall for such mistakes. The key to writing the best admission essay is to think from the point of view of the admission officers. This will facilitate you to structure your admission essay as per their requirement. Also, make sure to outline your ideas clearly and with relevancy. Highlight your positives and experiences in a manner that leaves a professional impression on the admission officers.

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