How to look after dyed hair at home and keep them healthy

Here are some Hair Color Products you should add to your beauty routine.

SINGAPORE – When I colored my hair recently at a hair salon, I faced a steep hair care learning curve when it comes to maintaining my tresses. My hairstylist drilled in me the importance of hair care products in order to maintain the color and keep my hair from being too frizzy or dry. Simply put: dyed hair just needs some extra TLC.

So how do you keep your hair color fresh – and your hair smooth and non-frizzy?

The easiest step is to wash your hair less as this reduces the colour from fading. The best way is to just wash your twice or thrice a week, but living in such a humid climate like ours, this would pose a challenge.

Step-by-step guide for a good hair care routine at home

1. Pick the right shampoo:

Color-protective shampoos were created for a reason. These products normally contain formulas such as low-to-no sulfates and parabens that actually work to protect your hair and keep it soft and silky – without washing away your hair color down the drain.

2. Add a conditioner to your routine:

Believe me, this is a lifesaver. Colored hair tends to be more fragile, and if your colorist does a whack job, your tresses can become brittle over time. Protect your hair with conditioners that contain hair polymers and hydrating elements for lasting color.

3. Don’t miss out on heat-protecting spray

if you blow-dry your hair frequently, be sure to use a heat-protecting spray. The spray acts as a protective barrier against heat that can further dry your hair.

4. Elevate with a hair mask

Lastly, if you’re very diligent, add a hair mask that can supercharge your hair with some added nourishment.

Here are some Hair Color Products you should add to your beauty routine.

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