The actress Kristen Chime Bell will serve as Hers’s first ever mental health ambassador. Hers is a telehealth company. 

On its platforms, Hims & Hers offers a suite of mental health products and services, such as free support group sessions, psychiatric medication, mental wellness supplements, online therapy, and on-demand treatment education. 

Hilary Coles, cofounder and senior vice president of brand and innovation at Hims & Hers, stated in a statement that “as a society, mental health has become an increasingly important topic over the last few years” and that “the need for more understanding and reliable resources has been continuously voiced in conversations with our customer base.”

“Kristen Chime genuine demeanor and candor regarding her mental health connect with people in a truly sincere and genuine way.

We hope to help people who are looking for a better way to treat their anxiety and depression by taking advantage of her influence and the community. Through our collaboration with Kristen Chime, Coles stated, “We want more people to understand that trusted mental health care is available right now and does not have to be intimidating, scary, or unattainable.” 

Through a variety of content, Bell will collaborate closely with the brand to provide mental health education and promote treatment options. The company has released two Bell-themed advertisements to launch the initiative. In one advertisement, a stressed-out Bell asks the various versions of herself, like the busy mom, fitness fanatic, and workaholic, what she should do to control her anxiety. In the other, she discusses her own journey candidly, reviews Hers’s digital treatment options that are easily accessible, and encourages viewers to take charge of their own mental health. 

It is not a secret that I have sought treatment for my own depression and anxiety.

According to a statement released by Bell, “professional help can be lifesaving for some people struggling with mental illness, despite the fact that it may sound intimidating.” I’ve been fighting against mental health stigma for a long time, and it makes me very proud to work with Hers to educate the public about the accessibility of high-quality treatment for anxiety and depression.

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