How Can Applicants Make Their College Essays Stand Out? 7 Useful Tips

How Can Applicants Make Their College Essays Stand Out? 7 Useful Tips

When it comes to deciding the future of candidates, college essays play an important role in helping students secure admission seats in their desired colleges. Different colleges consider different criteria in this regard – for example, considering the high-school grades of candidates, SAT and ACT scores, extracurricular activities and whatnot.

However, a surprising fact to mention here is that colleges are no more giving weightage to the same things now. Many colleges, including Harvard, are following test-blind policies now that have shifted the focus of admission committees to diverse elements.

One of these elements is the top-notch formulation of the best college essays. So what does it mean for you? It simply suggests that now your college essay is way more important than ever.

A thoughtful essay reflects your beliefs and can effectively set your work apart from the piles of applications that admission officers read every day. Here are a few strategies that you incorporate into your work to make it shine. We’ll touch you on the tips to write application papers and elements that make for an excellent college essay.

7 Tips to Make Your College Essays Stand Out Among All Candidates:

After a detailed analysis of the top 10 successful Harvard application essays 2023, we have compiled 7 points to help you get through the process. Browse the contents of this article, and you shall also find answers to frequently asked questions by aspiring students.

1. Grab the Reader from the Start

While writing a college paper, you should remember that you are not writing it to get good grades but to secure admission into your dream institute. No matter whether you get essay writing help, buy essays, or write high-quality papers on your own, your essay must start with an appealing introduction.

You will be competing with hundreds of other applicants for the attention of your admission officer. That is why; you must start your essay with an opening paragraph that immediately grabs the imagination of readers.

An engaging beginning grabs the attention of readers and serves as a roadmap for them for what to see in your work.

2. Choose Deeper Themes

Some essay writers think that they can impress admission officers by jam-packing their essays with facts, figures, and a plethora of activities. But that is not how it works!

You might not be expecting it, but college application officers are more interested in learning what you are as a person and what makes you unique and different from the rest. Also, they want to know further about the experiences that shaped your personality, and not just how many soccer games you won in your college.

In simple words, you have to present your personal information in a way that appeals to the admission officers. It must show them the link between the experiences you are discussing and your personality traits.

3. Be Authentic and Genuine

If you are trying to fake your awesome personality traits in the essay, it will show. First of all, the essay topic that you choose shows who you truly are. While reviewing Harvard essays examples, you shall observe that there is consistency in the essay topic and arguments presented by the writers.

Avoid using flowery language that nobody normally uses in a conversation. Further, avoid choosing any such topic that tells the admission committee too little about you.

Instead, use your witticism, natural way of speaking and sense of humour while writing your papers. It shall make your work stand out from the competition – the same thing can be observed while reviewing a Harvard essay sample.

4. Show – Don’t Just Boast

Now, if you start boasting about your personality traits, it may be off-putting for the admission officers, and needless to say that they won’t be impressed!

Remember to show, don’t tell. The best essay writer works on crafting a plagiarism-free essay paper that reflects his interests and personality traits. Don’t just provide a list of activities; show the officers how those activities helped you groom into a better version.

5. Make it Unique

If you want your college essay to stand out, try a new perspective to approach your topic. If you are naturally good at writing, you can use the element of suspense and surprise to engage the readers. Avoid using common themes in your essay, and try covering the details in an innovative way.

For example, while hundreds of students write about their wins, what if you write an essay about what you learned from all your losses? If you give it a chance, it shall be a hit for you and land you at your desired college.

6. Considering the Reader’s Perspective

When you write your essay while keeping the reader’s perspective in mind, it shall build a logical argument in your work. To make it more effective, you should focus on using transitions between paragraphs.

Remember to include all relevant information in your work. Also, keep your college essays natural – do not try too hard to impress the admission committee.

If you are struggling with writing such an essay on your own, try getting essay writing help from a professional service provider. Provide their support teams with your preferred Harvard essay topics, and let them do their job. (Ensure that the company does timely delivery of the papers).

7. Making Drafts and Revisions

Last but certainly not least, you must not consider your first draft of the college essay as your final draft. A critical review of 50 successful Harvard application essays shows that there is always some room for revisions and improvements. Edit and revise your essay papers over and over again – that shall fine-tune your academic writing skills.

You can also get help from essay services to craft top-notch papers per your needs and also provide you with a free plagiarism report.


While wrapping up the discussion, it’s important to say that your college essays must end with a compelling kicker – a punchy line that concludes everything in your paper. It leaves a good impression on the minds of your readers and usually impresses them with the manner in which you artfully weave your thoughts in college essays.

Be concise and brief while writing, dive into honest self-reflection, and include anecdotes in your work that best illustrate your personality. Write, revise, edit, and revise again. Want to essay writing help online from a professional paper writing service? Hire essay writers at The Academic Papers UK and get custom essays online at low rates.

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