Kaili sisters intertwined

While Eva Kaili rose through EU politics, her sister ran a parallel organization with many of the same themes, Made Group.

Mantalena Kaili, the sister of suspended European Parliament Vice President Eva Kaili, was the first to vigorously defend her when she was arrested on December 9 in a cash-for-influence sting involving Qatar and Morocco. Kaili sisters intertwined

This may not come as a surprise in and of itself, but the ties that the two women appear to share appear to extend beyond merely sisterly loyalty.

The science and technology industries are prime examples of where Made Group’s activities intersected with Eva’s political interests.

Similarly, as Eva Kaili was turning her consideration in the European Parliament to points like man-made reasoning and blockchain, Mantalena Kaili’s Made Gathering in 2018 made a “charitable drive” called ELONtech, which likewise centered around these areas.

The successful presentation of a resolution on blockchain technology in October 2018 was the result of Eva Kaili’s efforts as the cheerleader for blockchain in Parliament. Eva Kaili served as an advisor, and Mantalena Kaili was ELONtech’s managing director.

In 2020, Eva Kaili established an international advisory board for STOA, the EU’s innovation priorities advisory body of the European Parliament. A member of ELONTech and a member of the Qatar Foundation, the emirate’s wealthy development organization for education, science, and culture, were on the board.

It holds occasions and gives itself a role as an “observatory” and “stage” for legitimate and innovative issues. EU, with a primary focus on blockchain technology; has since vanished from the register. The Athens Roundtable on AI, which Eva Kaili hosted in the European Parliament, was ELONtech’s most recent event, which took place in the first week of December.

According to a representative from the office of one of the MEPs conducting the investigation, STOA is currently reviewing the advisory board appointment in addition to other events and initiatives carried out during Eva Kaili’s tenure to ensure that everything was “above board.”

Arrangement of the board “had no monetary ramifications for STOA, nor did it influence its working in that capacity,” he said.

He added, “During Kaili’s tenure as chair, the board only held a few meetings under this mandate. No gatherings occurred during my residency as a seat — and these gatherings have, as far as anyone is concerned, not prompted any drives inside STOA.” She responded, “it was not a secret” that she ran ELONtech when asked why she also removed her name.

The two sisters, who are very close to one another, would frequently support one another via social media and go on epic shopping dates in Athens. Mantalena Kaili created the hashtag combination “#keep_calm & #vote_sister” during Eva Kaili’s 2014 campaign for the European Parliament.

The two have collaborated on projects and frequently attended technology events together over the past five years.

Mantalena Kaili went on to say that she doesn’t know why her name isn’t on Eva Kaili’s list of advisers on the website of the European Parliament.

When Eva Kaili was first elected to the European Parliament in 2014, she served as a member of the Socialists & Democrats group. Soon after her election, she became well-known as a powerful lawmaker who worked on digital files.

Mantalena Kaili, a lawyer by training, was preparing for her own ventures at the same time back in Greece. She established Made Group, a “non-profit platform for communications strategy, social innovation projects, and creative synergies” based in Athens, in August 2017.

Kanaki took over as manager of Estate Aria Properties in November 2022. Eva Kaili and her business partner, Francesco Giorgi, started the real estate company. Giorgi, who is from Italy, functions as the collaborator of another MEP, the Italian Andrea Cozzolino.

Mutual resentment Made Group would participate in a number of digital projects funded by Horizon 2020 over the years, most notably the international consortium that developed ChildRescue, an app to locate missing migrant children. Between 2018 and 2020, Mantalena Kaili’s organization received €104,037.50 in EU funding to handle communications.

Made Group also helped with communications for Girls Coding, a 2017 project that taught young women how to make software.

Likewise engaged with the venture was Kean, a Greek NGO including Made Gathering’s prime supporter Kanaki as secretary of the leading group of lead representatives. In 2018, a post on Kean’s website said that Eva Kaili suggested Girls Coding to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which provided funding for the project through Horizon 2020.

A representative of the EIT stated, Eva Kaili was one of the people who supported the creation of the Girl Coding programs because they shared a desire for greater tech participation among women and girls.

Made Group received €105,172 from the Commission for its participation in STARTS, according to this individual. Kaili sisters intertwined

Mantalena Kaili disputed the extent of overlap between Made Group and her sister’s work in Brussels in an interview with POLITICO. She stated, “We had activities that were not specifically following Eva’s agenda.” World News

Made Group “has participated in various projects, programs, studies, and events in cooperation, on a case-by-case basis with a broad team of not permanent associates and volunteers,” according to a press release from her. Additionally, the press release emphasized that ELONtech “is not a legal person (not a company), it is certainly not an NG, and it has not received a single euro in financing.”


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