Although it varies from bike to bike, air filter repair is very straightforward. Nowadays, the majority of bikes have replaceable filters, so all you need to do is pop the old one out and put the new one in, and you’re good to go. Getting to the filter itself might be the most difficult part.

You may need to put in a little extra work if the airbox on your bike is hidden under a panel, but you’re usually only missing a few screws.

If your airbox is under your fuel tank, you have a few extra maneuvers to make, but nothing that a novice motorcycle enthusiast could comfortably complete.

Items you want to take out

Whether you need to pass through wiring or fuel lines, a simple marking device can be used. Using colored tape (blue to blue, red to red), or naming them, will help you assemble it correctly most of the time. No matter how much or how little of a mess you create, all you’ll need to do is match titles or colors in the end. It goes without saying that if opening fuel lines is necessary, you should tip the open line upwards to prevent spills, cover the open portion of the fuel line, if necessary, to prevent debris from getting on the line, and wear enough eye and hand protection.

Ways to clean

If the air filter is replaceable, replace it once you reach it. Following a thorough dry clean with compressed air, you can either use a specialized brand cleaner or try your luck with soap and water and cleaner. Always keep in mind that some air filters require you to spray them with oil before mounting them. Every time you reinstall the new or cleaned filter, you should clean the air box.

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Watch out for the fuel

Since fuel may spill out when you open the filter to clean it, be careful. Fuel poses a serious threat to our skin and eyes. Therefore, take care when opening the air filter. You don’t want to live to regret it, do you?

Re-assemble the components

Now that the filter has been cleaned. Just as you disassembled the air filter’s component parts to clean it, so do I. When putting your motorcycle back together, be careful not to forget any screws. Otherwise, it might end up costing a lot later.

When should I clean my air filter?

I would recommend changing your motorcycle engine oil regularly, but there are some exceptions. If you live in a sandy or heavily polluted area and regularly ride, it’s not a bad idea to clean or check your filter once every two to three months.

Depending on the sandstorms and dust from other bikes, you might also feel the need to clean it while on your adventure.

How Long Does An Air Filter Last

A typical air filter lasts between 12 000 and 16 000 miles. Everything is dependent on the kind of filter you use. Consult the manufacturer or the manual. Manufacturers of filters provide guidelines for filter replacement intervals.


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