Explore VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Explore VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Planet Earth is made of various landforms and every landform has its unique attractions. Desert is a different kind of land and the United Arab Emirates is rich in these. Every year millions of tourists visit the UAE to explore its beauty. The country has made exceptional developments to show the natural beauty in a fascinating attire. For people who have a fondness for adventure and games, UAE is the place to be. The country has some incredible adventure parks, helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides, dinner cruises, snowboarding, and Hummer Desert Safari Dubai. 

Dubai is known to be the best tourist destination in the world and never stops to add zests to surprise all the passionate travelers from around the world. VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai is a delightful option for those seeking the ultimate adventure in the exquisite Dubai desert landscape. Are you considering Dubai for your next holiday season? If yes, certainly you will likely enjoy the best experiences and unique adventures to make your holiday truly unforgettable. Hummer Desert Safari Dubai encapsulates literally everything from spending a holiday sightseeing, a romantic honeymoon tour, or just relaxing for a couple of hours. No matter what your plans are; ArabianSafariDubai will certainly make your voyage worthwhile. You will certainly get the best of everything here.

Things to Explore about Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Sandboarding Adventure

Sandboarding is an absolute adventure in the VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai! If you love the idea of riding the dunes, then sandboarding is your way! You this. Even if you’re new to the game, no worries! This sport is all about fun and safety so one doesn’t need to be a seasoned pro to experience it. Sandboarding adventure is for everyone keen on an adrenaline-packed exploration. You will feel the rush as you skate effortlessly over the sandy terrain. It’s an adventure that’s sure to get your heart sprinting and leave you with unforgettable memories to cherish. So, get up, hold the thrill, and let the dunes become your adventure playground!

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Dune Bashing Craze

Excited about your Hummer Desert Safari Dubai? Get ready for a wild ride over the dunes. Hummer gives you a roller coaster-like ride on the sand dunes in Dubai deserts and the luxury Hummer is driven by a highly skilled driver. Dune bashing is the best thing to experience in VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai and is all about bouncing up and down the dunes at high speed like a crazy roller-coaster ride. This voyage will go on for about half an hour and the Hummer driver will take a few stopovers in between for you to take photographs if you like to.

Tanoura and Belly Dance

Arab Countries are known for belly dances with mystic music in the background; Deserts are great places to enjoy great belly dancers with a magnificent background. If you like seeing a praiseworthy performance, head over to the Hummer Desert Safari Dubai to experience the best belly dances in the world. Belly dancers have excellent body flexibility and skills to showcase and spice up the surroundings with their expressions using various colorful props like veils, wings, and much more.

Egyptian folk dance Tanoura is performed by men and is one of the most entertaining performances. Men spin and whirl around the whole time wearing multi-colored skirts with dull music giving a more spiritual attire. The moments are mesmerizing with unique patterns and LED lights.

Hummer Desert Safari Dubai Tour Timings

The best way to head over for a VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai is at 9 am in the morning. The morning Hummer Desert Safari Dubai is a great adventure. This adventure will unveil as you reach the red dunes including sandboarding, quad biking, and camel riding. The morning plan is jam-packed with adventurous activities. However, it does not include food and a trip to the Bedouin camps. While, in the evening Hummer Safari, there is a fun-packed expedition with lots of adventure and great entertainment. Along with all the dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, and quad biking, it ends up with scrumptious food.

The evening VIP Hummer Desert Safari Dubai will allow you to witness the brilliant sunset and a trip to Bedouin camps at night. Enjoy authentic Arabic delights, henna tattooing, shisha smoking, and some great souvenirs. Book your Hummer trip now with us at ArabianSafariDubai.com for a reliable and memorable expedition.

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