Episode 5 of Lovesutra

Shahid Kapoor is a control freak in bed, according to Mira Kapoor, and he always tells her what to do. But is being in control good or bad?

During a chat show, Shahid Kapoor, a well-known Bollywood actor, and his wife talked openly about their s*x life and shared some spicy bedroom details. Shahid is a control freak in bed, according to his wife Mira, and he always tells her what to do. It’s clear that this lovely couple puts s*x first in their glamorous life!

However, it’s important to note whether being a control freak in bed is beneficial or detrimental.

The concept of communication and compatibility thrive in relationships based on mutual understanding. Having said that, control freaks prefer to be in charge or in control of everything, including their sexual life.

Many men are control freaks who know exactly what they want from their partners, whether in bed or in life. Many women may find this trait appealing. Since dominance and submission increase reproductive success, sexual arousal by dominance and submission is a manifestation of the mating strategy.

However, over time, they become dissatisfied as a result. S*xual pleasure can only be achieved if both partners comprehend each other’s desires and needs, and most importantly if they want to maintain the relationship’s spark. Having said that, I strongly advise men to let their partner take charge in bed at times or depending on the circumstances. World Entertainment News

Simply telling their partner what she likes or starting with a back rub or other innocent touch is one of the best ways for women to take charge in the bed. As I would see it, most men will see the value in this move and they won’t turn down a back rub.

Stay in control of the situation and let him know you’re interested in him by doing this.

Men also can impart their advantage by allowing their accomplices to assume command. When I let my woman take the lead, I had a wonderful sexual experience. As a result, our relationship grew stronger and our sexual lives improved.

To share a personal story, my long-term girlfriend once seduced me first by calling me while I was at work and telling me she couldn’t wait to see me home. Then, when I arrived, she had left a note for me to “get comfortable and come to bed” at the front table, where she was waiting. This led to an intimate wild s*x session, and you see, giving your partner the charge isn’t so bad after all. Surprise, surprise* Now, how do you feel about Shahid Kapoor being a control freak in bed with Mira Rajput, his wife? Please fill out the box below.

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