IT Minister Urges Companies to Invest in Pakistani Startups

Umar Saif, who is the Caretaker Information Technology and Telecommunication Minister in Pakistan, spoke at an investment conference in Islamabad. He encouraged companies to think about investing in Pakistani startups because there are great opportunities in the sector. He talked about how Pakistan has a good time zone and many skilled IT professionals. He also mentioned that the government is working on digitalization and training 200,000 IT professionals across the country.

Minister Saif explained that the government is doing things to help startups and reduce the risks they face. They have a plan to support the IT industry, and he assured them that there would be no restrictions on dollar transactions for this industry. The government wants to remove any obstacles that might stop its growth.

He also said that Pakistani youth are the second-largest online workforce in the world. The government is working to make it easier for them to get paid.

Minister Saif highlighted that the government is making it possible for global investment in the IT industry. He has been actively pushing for the growth of Pakistan’s IT and startup sectors since he took office in the interim government. He recently met with a delegation from the World Bank to discuss shared interests and the “Digital Economy Enhancement Project.”

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