Kaavia James

There’s nothing cuter than a “Mother and me” matching second, particularly when Gabrielle Association and her little girl Kaavia James are involved. The unique mother-little girl couple just got the cutest matching haircuts, and as per Association, it was all Kaavia’s thoughts.

The entertainer and Perfect by Gabrielle Association organizer shared a few sweet pics of herself and her smaller-than-normal me in their clone hairdos which gives off an impression of a relaxed day at home. “Impersonation IS the best type of blandishment. @kaaviajames proposed I get the very haircut that she got and I was respected to oblige,” Association composed. “Twinning is winning. Anything for her.”

The haircuts being referred to were styled by Wankaya H., who frequently works with the pair, and the matching looks have everything:

Fulani plaits into little space buns emphasized with dabs — stout earthy colored round dots with gold and orange subtleties for Mother, and pink for Kaavia James to match her dazzling maroon Shirt. You can see the magnificence tycoon in-preparing is carrying on with her best life matching her mother; toward the finish of the merry-go-round, we see Father Dwyane Swim looking at his young ladies’ new looks while the pair hang out in Kaavia’s den. “Gracious, I love it,” he says. “Twinsies!” Beauty News


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