Kim Kardashian frequently experiences the feeling of being in a pickle.

Over a month after the underlying embarrassment encompassing design house Balenciaga and the commercial that many considered to sexualize youngsters, Kim Kardashian is discussing drop culture and how her reaction to the style flub was likely to its own debate. “Even during the Balenciaga controversy, everyone wondered, ‘Why aren’t you speaking up?’ Why do you not speak up? And I think, “Wait, I’m not participating in this campaign.” “Let me like take a minute to research this, I don’t know what’s happening,” she said in an explanation on the “Angie Martinez IRL Podcast.”

“Then, as soon as I realized what everyone was seeing on the Internet and the reality of the situation, I completely denounced child pornography and spoke out about it. But since I didn’t say ‘F- – – Balenciaga, that is all there is to it.’ That made people angry.

Kim Kardashian talked about the criticism she received for not responding appropriately or quickly enough to the Balenciaga scandal.
(Taylor Hill/FilmMagic) BRITTANY ALDEAN THROWS OUT BALENCIAGA Bags in response to a controversial advertising campaign involving children: TRASH DAY’ Kardashian explained that she would still face criticism regardless of how she responded.

Therefore, it has never been my place,” she disclosed.

In addition to frequently dressing for the house, Kardashian also served as an ambassador for Balenciaga and appeared in a separate campaign for the brand in 2022. “Mistakes, development, improvement, and growth are the whole point of life. Like any sexualization of youngsters, there resembles not an ounce of that… ought to be in our cerebrums and in our general public. I see that. I could not have been more precise regarding: This is frightening. “This is troubling.”

Kim Kardashian was spotted in Paris this summer outside the Balenciaga store.

Balenciaga unveiled its contentious holiday campaign on November 16, and on November 24, it posted an apology on Instagram.

“We sincerely apologize if our holiday campaign offended anyone. Our plush bear bags shouldn’t have been in this campaign with kids.

On Nov. 27, Kardashian criticized the advertisement.

Children’s safety must be the highest priority, and there should be no place in our society for attempts to normalize any kind of child abuse. I appreciate Balenciaga’s apology and removal of the campaigns. I think from talking to them, they realize how serious the problem is and will take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again.

She also said that she was “re-evaluating” how she related to the brand.

Kim Kardashian has frequently been pictured dressed head to toe in Balenciaga.
She stated, “You absolutely cannot win, no matter what.” But I’ll remain who I am.”

“This week was very trying for me since I’m in such a ton others- – – that is not my s- – – – ….  However, at that point, I need to assume liability and say, ‘alright, individuals consider me the essence of this so allowed me to stand up.’ I just always want to act ethically. And you must always act in accordance with your gut,” she stated. World News Spot


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