Rian Johnson revealed that he is hard at work on Knives Out 3 and that each film starring Daniel Craig should be seen as a stand-alone story.

Fans are eagerly awaiting information about the next installment, and it appears they won’t have to wait long.

Onion in Glass: The second film based on Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), a detective who frequently investigates bizarre cases, is A Knives Out Mystery. Blanc travels to a private island in this installment, where billionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton) has invited a group of influential friends to play a murder-mystery game. Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monae, and Dave Bautista, whom Johnson described as the greatest wrestler-turned-actor of all time, make up the ensemble.

Jessica Henwick Drew on her personal experience working as a PA for the role of Glass Onion.

Rian Johnson talked about his foray into the whodunnit genre in an interview with Wired. When asked about the series’ intended chronology and setting, Johnson stated, “So much of what I’m trying to do, because I’m starting to write the next one, is really just about trying to clear my head and think about what’s on my mind right now.” Hopefully, that has some bearing on the cultural issues that are currently on everyone’s minds.

Rian Johnson mentioned in that response that he was already working on the script for the next movie.

Due to the fact that the script is one of the earliest pieces, it is unlikely that Johnson has yet cast anyone other than Craig. Angela Lansbury and the late Stephen Sondheim made interesting cameos in Knives Out 2, and Johnson may already have some new names in mind.

Additionally, given the conclusion of Knives Out 2, it is highly unlikely that any of the suspects from this particular heist will return. Johnson has made it clear that each film will stand on its own. Although Benoit Blanc is the link between each case, it is unlikely that the suspects from Glass Onion and Knives Out will ever meet again.

Benoit Blanc’s sexuality is revealed, however, in a revelation made by Glass Onion:

Despite the fact that the films pay little attention to Blanc’s personal life, Grant might return at some point in the future. Janelle Monae plays another character who may return, though it is unlikely. In Knives Out 2, she turns out to be an important part of Blanc’s investigation. She is a good detective, and the two of them get along well. On the other hand, she might be like Marta (Ana de Armas) from Knives Out, who had a profound encounter with Blanc but ultimately went her own way.

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