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From the experts, here’s how to profit from the larger-than-life furniture trend.

It should come as no surprise that some of the most popular home design trends emphasize maximum comfort. Even though we’ve spent more time at home in recent years, the trend toward oversized furniture in living rooms probably began, and the way we use our spaces now is crucial to its longevity. Benjamin Reynaert, editor and creative director at Benjamin Reynaert Creative, states, “We’re better able to understand how our spaces really work when multiple people are using each room now that we’re opening up and hosting parties and gatherings.” What about consensus? Better is bigger.

The addition of oversized furniture, according to Brittany Farinas, CEO and creative director of House of One, based in Miami, is not only inviting but also a good conversation starter, as there is ample room for guests to mingle in comfort.

Best of all, you don’t have to have a grand house to participate in the trend. Instead, consider how to make the most of your floor space. According to Reynaert, “activating an underutilized corner and creating a little nook that is super cozy is a great way to create a chaise or chair and ottoman.”

Getting this trend right means doing what works in your space first and foremost. Before placing an order, Reynaert recommends seeing a piece of furniture in person, such as in a showroom, to ensure that it will complement your home’s decor. He adds, “For larger pieces, I tend to gravitate toward lighter colors and tones because they are less visually heavy.” Additionally, this makes it simpler to switch out pillows and throw blankets.

What is the trend for large furniture?

So, how big is our discussion? According to Farinas, “oversize” refers to anything that is at least twice as big as standard furniture, with couches being the most common example. According to Reynaert, “I think the oversize furniture trend is partially a response to spending more time at home and designing our homes to be extremely cozy and comfortable for the whole family.” Deeper sofas that are big enough to really curl up in, whether you’re watching the latest show or reading a good book, are becoming more and more popular. As a result, bench cushions have become increasingly popular, making it easier to avoid awkward spaces between seats.

How to Use Oversized Furniture According to Reynaert, “If you have the space, the best way for readers to get the look is to choose a corner sectional in the family room or den.” I like to place these pieces between or in front of bookshelves. I also like to hang wall sconces at each end to give the room a more personalized feel and provide more light for reading.

According to Reynaert, you can go all out by carving out a conversation pit from a completely bespoke piece. However, there are still a lot of ways to get in on the action if you want to stay safe. Play with perspective,” Farinas suggests. There is no need for the furniture to be too big. She suggests focusing on areas where you spend a lot of time to keep the trend-focused.

Last but not least, keep in mind that not every component must be laborious. According to Lance Thomas, principal designer of Thomas Guy Interiors, “You can also choose pieces that are more whimsical and add a sense of playfulness.”

Pay Attention to the Size Reynaert’s rule for furniture that is too big:

Take two or three measures. and only buy once. He frequently observes furniture whose dimensions or proportions do not match the space. He advises, “If you want to buy a sectional, accurately measure your space and use tape to draw the dimensions of the sofa you want to buy on the floor.”

Reynaert warns that a standard three-seat sectional could look minuscule in a living room with two stories. Similarly, small furniture may not be the best option for small rooms, he states. I love a major, comfortable couch that might go one end to the other in a little lair, which boosts solace while you’re utilizing the space versus a small couch that you won’t ever utilize

Supporting Decorations

Getting the vibe right requires taking in the environmental factors. According to Reynaert, “if you have a large and imposing sofa, try to balance that piece with a pair of armchairs with a lot of airiness in the design (open legs or open backs) to help offset the larger piece.”

However, in order to achieve the right balance, he recommends using a large coffee table and at least three light sources, such as a tall, thin floor lamp on one end, a large table lamp on the other, and an overhead pendant. A couple of floating drinks tables help balance out a furniture scheme in a large room, as I like to ensure there are enough places for everyone to set down their drinks.

Make sure there is still a lot of room between the pieces of your plan after you have it all put together. Farinas warns that putting things too close together will make the space feel crowded. You could try pairing colors like blue and gray or matching textures like velvet,” she suggests.

Take this oversize trend to a smaller scale if you still feel hesitant about investing in a sofa, settee, or another investment piece. Instead of a main piece of furniture, you can choose a decor item, says Thomas. A large floor lamp is an excellent and easily accessible application of the trend. World News Spot


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