Lizzo’s Superhero just dropped her most up-to-date music for her melody “Unique” on February 1 — a radiant beginning to Dark History Month, in the event that you ask us — where she transforms into a boss superhuman with extensive streaming waves, energetic purple eye cosmetics, and extremely lengthy nails. The pop star gave her TikTok fans a look at her superhuman structure around five minutes prior to dropping the video. In the TikTok, she whirls around in a naval force blue onesie (we have an unmistakable inclination that it’s by Yitty) until she turns into her godlike structure for a couple of moments.

Fortunately, we get to see a greater amount of Lizzo the superhuman in her “Extraordinary” music video. She stars as a server named Melly (a sign of approval for Lizzo’s Superhero lawful name, Melissa), who has a mystery twofold existence as a superhuman named Lizzo. Tragically, in this universe, Melly nor Lizzo are cherished by the overall population. Notwithstanding that, Lizzo really does in any case have a couple of fans including a little Person of color with wavy hair who loves the superhuman — however, I won’t ruin an excessive number of subtleties since we’re only here for the ravishing waves and purple troupe.

Melly in her day-to-day existence wears an untidy updo with wispy drape bangs, however, when she becomes Lizzo the superhuman, her scattered haircut transforms into profound waves that stream towards her behind. You realize we were unable to fail to remember those child’s hairs, whirled and dipped with accuracy. There was one circle in the focal point of her brow that nearly seems to be the number 6.

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