After a raucous incident involving fans in Salt Lake City who were interested in seeing Olivia Dunne, coach Jeff Clark stated on Tuesday that the LSU Gymnastics team will receive an additional layer of security for the remainder of the season.

Since joining the LSU program, Dunne has amassed a sizable following on TikTok. She has nearly seven million followers on TikTok alone, which she has turned into lucrative name, image, and likeness deals. After their match against Utah, however, a number of incidents-related claims surfaced, forcing her to stifle her fan base and encourage them to be “respectful.”

Throughout the remainder of the season, a security officer will accompany the team to competitions.

On July 20, 2022,Olivia Dunne, an American gymnast, arrives on the Microsoft Theater’s red carpet prior to the 2022 ESPY Awards.
“That person will be in our hotel and outside our locker room and getting us to and from the bus at the venue,” Clark told the outlet (Gary A. Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports). The officer) will be present to establish a safe perimeter around everyone.”

Clark stated that he wanted to ensure that fans could obtain autographs from the gymnasts while also ensuring the athletes’ safety.

“Things must alter. We simply cannot expose them,” Clark continued. We’re looking into some policy changes that will give parents access to their daughters in a different location.”

LSU’s Olivia Dunne responds to criticism regarding zero deals: Is this excessive?’

According to OutKick, the mother of a Utah athlete took to Facebook to claim that Tigers fans were “so rude and disrespectful,” while Olympic gold medalist Kathy Johnson Clarke revealed that she had been asked several times by fans whether she was Dunne’s mother.

During a PAC-12 matchup against Utah at the Jon M. Huntsman Center on January 6, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah, fans hold signs in memory of LSU’s Olivia Dunne.
(Alex Goodlett/Getty Images) On Sunday, Dunne posted a tweet expressing her gratitude for the support but requesting that fans behave more respectfully.

She wrote, “I will always appreciate and love the support from you guys, but if you come to a meet, I want to ask you to please be respectful of the other gymnasts and the gymnastics community as we are just doing our job.” She added, “I will always appreciate and love the support from you guys.”

LSU Utah was the No. 1 team at the meet. three team in the country. No. 1 was the Tigers.

On social media, Dunne is one of the college athletes with the most followers.She reportedly earns approximately $2 million from sponsorships with American Eagle, Planet Fuel, and the activewear brand Vuori.

On January 6, 2023, LSU Olivia Dunne watches a PAC-12 match against Utah at the Jon M. Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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