Meghann Fahy and White Lotus

According to Us Magazine, fans have been speculating since earlier this month that Meghann Fahy and White Lotus Actor might be dating due to their flirtation on social media. The two have sparked romance rumors ever since the premiere of season 2 of the HBO show, but their most recent activity on social media supports this theory.

Following the One Life to Live alum’s heart-eye emoji comment on the 26-year-old Brit’s photo, fans began speculating earlier this month that Fahy and Woodall, who play Daphne and Jack, were dating.

Meghann Fahy and White Lotus Actor, 32, wrote “Sizzley Sicily” on Instagram on Monday, December 19th, 2022,

alongside a collage of photos from her time filming the popular show in Italy. The Bold Type actress photographed most of the cast, but 26-year-old Woodall made the most appearances. A sweet selfie of the couple in the group was also included. During the snap, Fahy smiled while placing her hand on the actor’s arm. He looked into the camera while holding a beverage.

According to Vanity Fair, their numerous suggestive interactions on social media have been referred to by fans as a “soft launch” of their relationship. She wrote, “I love you!,” under a photo that Woodall posted to his Instagram showing his finger in Fahy’s mouth. These are great! I cherish you! completing the comment with an emoji of a smiley face. With sincerity, Woodall replied, “Love you right back.” What’s more, in another post, Fahy composed that she cherished the UK, to which the entertainer answered, “The UK loves you back.” Meghann Fahy and White Lotus Actor

According to Page Six, Woodall’s first major role was in Season 2 of The White Lotus, while Fahy is best known for her role on The Bold Type.

Prior to 2017, Fahy began a public relationship with actor Billy Magnussen. The previous couple hasn’t shown up together freely starting around 2020.


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