Musk denigrates Trump

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, slammed former President Trump’s unfounded claims of widespread electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election as a call to end the Constitution.

“The Constitution is superior to any president. End of story,” Musk wrote on Twitter, displaying the message at the top of his profile. On Saturday, Trump wrote on Truth Social, his social media platform, that his unsubstantiated claims of fraud should result in the termination of the Constitution. Musk denigrates Trump

 “Every rule, regulation, and article, even those in the Constitution, can be terminated by a massive fraud of this magnitude. False and fraudulent elections were not something our great “Founders” wanted and would not tolerate! Trump penned.

The post was widely condemned by Democrats, some Republicans, and the White House.

Trump’s post came one day after Musk announced the release of the “Twitter Files,” which contained emails in which employees of the social media company discussed their response to the New York Post’s story in October 2020 about files that were allegedly taken from the laptop of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Musk has criticized the company for limiting the story’s reach, portraying the files as a bombshell and claiming that Twitter has a left-wing bias. The social media platform’s decision to suppress the story was previously known, but the emails reveal some confusion and disagreement among employees. At the time, there were numerous concerns regarding the laptop’s contents’ authenticity; however, major news organizations verified some of the emails months later, resulting in GOP criticism and allegations of partisan censorship.

Since then, former CEO Jack Dorsey has publicly referred to the decision to conceal the story as a “total mistake.” In recent months, Musk has publicly expressed support for Republicans. He has stated that he voted for President Biden in 2020 and for then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. As a way to stop Biden, he urged his followers to vote for GOP candidates in the midterm elections, and after Musk took over the company, he allowed Trump to use Twitter again. World News Spot


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